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Raona Corbin, Paladin of Tyr, Watch Commander

Raona Corbin was born in Waterdeep, the only daughter to two individuals who
had worked their way up into the Waterdeep government. Her father was a judge
in the mercantile courts, settling trade disputes, while her mother was a
diplomat of some renown, though both were of peasant birth. There were
rumours that her mother carried some celestial blood in her.

At the age of six, the family home was engulfed in in flames, and both her
parents consumed in the blaze. Raona herself was saved, just barely, by a
paladin of Mystra, and placed in the orphanage at the Font. Raona was so
traumatized by the experience, however, that she became madly fearful of
bright light, and at dawn the next day fled the Font into the sewers of
Waterdeep. It was there she spent her remaining childhood years, venturing
out only at night, and learning little save the cruel lessons that survival
in the city sewers might offer.

She finally overcame her fear of the light in her fourteenth year, at which
time she returned to the Font and eagerly took to her studies, working very
hard to make up for lost time. By her twentieth year, she was as educated as
a typical sixteen year-old, and left the Font to explore Faerun and decide on
a path for her life.

Raona was extremely contemplative and inquisitive over this period, and
considered joining many faiths, including those of Kelemvor, Oghma, Helm,
Lathander, and Torm. However, she became deeply troubled by the philosophical
and moral question of whether to obey the legal codes of other races,
specifically brutish races, upon learning that such exist. This inquiry
eventually led her to Tyr, and in time to find her heart embraced Justice
fully. She became a follower of the Maimed God, and a page in service
thereof, probably the oldest individual to ever start down that path, at the
age of some twenty-three years. Lacking any training in social graces and
decorum, and having no formal weapons training, her time as a squire was also
very long, but she was dutiful and dedicated. She finally became a paladin in
her forty-fifth year, concurrent with her sister in the Triad, Jaenoic of
Ilmater, her senior and long up to that point a Cavalier.

Following her accolade, Raona took on a leadership role in Waterdeep, serving
as the organizer of the Lawmakers and an officer in the Waterdeep City Watch.
Upon Gwain Rambash's retirement from the position, she assumed the role of
Acting Commander of the City Watch, eventually rising to the rank of Civilar.
For a time, she represented the Watch on Waterdeep's Council of Lords, along
with her colleague Lady Saranya.

In her time as Watch Commander, Raona urged the Watch toward more preventive
and wide-ranging law enforcement activities, aiding visitors to the City,
clarifying and codifying the laws, and moving from putative to preventive
sentencing. She oversaw the disbanding of the Watch and retired from that
service not long ago.

Raona has risen to a position of some responsibility in the Church of
Justice, and has served as a mentor to some of the faith's young followers.

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