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Forgotten Kingdoms

Forgotten Kingdoms is a free multi-user dungeon (MUD) game based upon Ed Greenwood's Forgotten Realms® campaign setting. The game's rules are based upon the d20 Pathfinder® system and 3.5E Dungeons and Dragons®, but our rules do not mirror those systems precisely. A gamer familiar with those rules systems should be familiar with many of the basic elements of this game, but we have also adopted some house rules and made some policies of our own.

Forgotten Kingdoms offers four basic classes: warrior, priest, rogue, and wizard. These four classes then divide into guilds which a player character (PC) may enroll into based upon certain statistical or role-play criteria. We offer more than thirty possible races ranging from the mundane (human) to the exotic (plane-touched races). The game features an experience-based skill system and a level-based feat system which allow you to tailor your PC to suit your role-playing concept.

Fair warning, we do operate on a kismet system which means that some races and classes are not available to a brand new player. This system helps us to ensure that players are experienced enough to handle these roles within the context of our game, and so it is beneficial to all players in the long- term, even though it may be painful to some new players wanting to expand beyond the initial boundaries.


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