Second Tournament of Pain

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Second Tournament of Pain

Post by Amira » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:10 pm

It has been a while since Lady Zeth has been crowned the first Champion of Pain and now the time has come to compete for this title again. So if you are not a faith enemy of Loviatar, come! Compete! Bring as much pain to your opponents as you possibly can.

Again this tournament will be held on the tournament grounds of the Gilded Lance in Westgate, at the time and date noted below. Please note that in order to compete you must sign up prior to the tournament. You may contact me through letter, amulet or even in person for this.

Here are the rules for the tournament:
  • no faith enemies
  • no armor of any kind: mundane, magical, spell, potion, song, whatever other means you might have
  • other helpful spells, potions or songs are allowed
  • all kinds of weapons are allowed
  • all offensive spells/songs but those who cause instant death are allowed
  • no killing. The dead don't feel pain, after all
  • for easier visibility of all wounds fighting naked is highly encouraged, but those who are too shy to do so will be provided with a set of simple clothes
  • no healing. the only exception is healing that also creates pain in your opponent at the same time

To celebrate the newly crowned second Champion of Pain (and yes, the Church will keep records of all of them) we will have a feast after the tournament itself is over.

Amira Syria
Chosen Truescar of Loviatar

OOC: This is the time of the tournament and until this time you can sign up.
As always ideas and concerns can be brought up to me.

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Re: Second Tournament of Pain

Post by Tempus » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:15 pm

Please let me know if you want any help with this. Cool idea.
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