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Post by Elisabeth » Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:51 am

Hear ye:

The Church of Waukeen the Merchant's Friend is soon to gather in cele-
bration of Marthoon, a day to honor wards and guardians, whose service
is so important to the maintenance and spread of commerce through the
Realms. This year the Church of Tyr shares in the celebration, and the
Holycoin Renea and Elisabeth of Tyr both invite ye of goodly intent to
join in the festivities.

From now until the day of Marthoon, merchants, scholars, young adven-
turers, and any else in need of a guard may communicate their need to
Renea or Elisabeth, and seasoned and capable guardians may submit some
offer of guardianship of their own. We shall match and send off Charge
and protector as one.

On the day of Marthoon, all may gather for feast and comradery at the
Temple of Commerce in Zazesspur. Each pair who would share their tale
of adventure and duty for the appreciation of the rest will be entered
to win grand prizes! If you wish your tale told but neither can attend
the feast, send a written telling of it to Elisabeth or Renea by post.
OOC: Time for the gathering itself is Sat, 4 May at 8pm EST. Hope to see some good times had and maybe some new friendships made with this one!
So sleep soundly in your beds tonight
For judgement falls upon you at first light

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