Coming soon: Whip contest

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Coming soon: Whip contest

Post by Amira » Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:58 am

The whip is one of the three pains that will never fail you, as every faithful of Loviatar knows.

However, it has come to my attention that people rarely excel in it as they fail to see the true worth of this wonderful tool.

Because of this the church of Loviatar will host a contest:
Contestants will be judged on different aspects of wielding a whip such as:
  • Whipping style and posture
  • Appearance of marks left on the target
  • Actual pain caused
For this purpose both judges and a target are still needed.
You may contact me directly through the usual means, if you are interested in either position.
Faithful of Loviatar or those wishing to prove themselves in order to join the faith are preferred, but others should not feel discouraged.

Details of the contest shall be announced soon.

Amira Syria
Chosen Truescar of Loviatar
I'm posting this early so you can still self-improve your whip skills if you feel like it. Do two things at once!
The event itself will likely be early December.

To be clear:
EVERYONE is invited to be a part of this as contestant, judge or whipping target.
If you happen to be a faith enemy, either hide that and expect Amira to kick your butt if she finds out, or contact me OOC and we can arrange something for you to be the (not quite volunteering) whipping target.

My plan for this is a more rp focused contest. Expect to describe how exactly you would whip someone. Be creative! Make your whip appear like a snake in midair before your actual strike hits! Make it sing! Just have some fun.
To determine the amount of pain dealt the target will use their lost hp as indicator and then rp accordingly.

If you are interested in any way, feel free to find Amira IC or even me here or on Discord. Concerns/ suggestions are also welcome.
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