The Starlight Adventure Incentive Program

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The Starlight Adventure Incentive Program

Post by Mele » Thu Oct 29, 2020 8:14 pm

Introducing the Starlight Adventure Incentive Program! To encourage random
adventure all through the realms a program is being introduced to offer
build up to rewards!

You might feel like you're tired of the tedious tasks given to your PC's
over and over. You might feel like there's no reward in the thrill of
the hunt to a high level, high risk creature other than bragging rights.

Maybe you simply can't find the things you want through the randomness
of the reward pool.

Let's change that! Let's make the thrill of a high level kill have more
motivation and value to your time!

How it works: You will be rewarded for actively seeking adventure with
the rest of the community. Reward comes in two ways:

a piece of star shard
a star shard

Ten pieces equate to one shard. You can be rewarded full shards, or pieces,
depending on the task, the amount of adventurers, and the variety of your
party. (As in, if you only play with the same party repeatedly, you'll find
less reward value. If you constantly play with varied groups, your reward
will be greater. Repeated groups would be classified as the same 4-5 people
with no additions over and over. This is to avoid a group of friends spam
farming.) You may also find Adventurer's Guild jobs with Incentive rewards,
very rarely pieces on foes you kill while grinding and leveling.

ANY player can run ANY event for 10 shards - limited to once a week.

You will have a cap of 100 shards per week.

You can turn your shards in any time for a reward from the reward catalogue.

Rewards are meant to cost high values and take time, they're an incentive not

2000 shards: Unobtainable old item from item list
1500 shards: A +2 shield
1250 shards: A +2 piece of armour
1000 shards: A +2 weapon
750 shards: A +1 piece of armour
500 shards: A +1 weapon
300 shards: A spell of your choice at inept
250 shards: A random trinket roll: only valued trinkets
100 shards: An endless decanter choice from those coded
50 shards: An amulet of communication rename

Additionally, you may rename any of the above choices for an additional 500 shards. (You can rename things with glory as always, still!)

Different categories may have a discount on a rotation of every one to three months. Lists to come!

(This will begin after our current candy fun is done - this is extended to be a long term event and things are intended to take time to build. Holiday's may merit discounts!)
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