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Post by Cret » Fri May 29, 2020 11:26 pm

As I have been tinkering on characters with multiple trades I have had some thoughts:

a phandar arrow fletched with a goldfinch feather (perfect)

The above item was made with fletching using both phandar wood and a goldfinch arrow. It currently has a tag of 'arrow' no other key words in the description can be used.

Suggest adding the description words to the key words if possible

When using a piece of phandar wood to construct a greatclub/quarterstaff you get
a wood greatclub and a wood quarterstaff.

Suggest adding, much like fletching, the wood type used.

Construction listing

suggest that when using construct weapon or construct armor it displays what type of material used be added.

You can make the following kinds of weapon:
blackjack (inept) club (inept) dart (inept)
greatclub (novice) halfspear (inept) javelin (inept)
jo (novice) light hammer (inept) quarterstaff (inept)

I thought I could construct a wooden halfspear - this is not the case (i do not know if it can be made at higher levels with wood)

Perhaps adding a tag before (m)/(w) before each to save on space - or separate it like construct armor (i dont have armor smithing yet so this is all i see):

You can make the following kinds of shield:
heavy wooden shield (inept) light wooden shield (inept) tower shield (novice)
You can make the following kinds of armour:
padded (inept)

Also suggest bone as another material type used in construction. Make bone spears/knives/rings possibly have creatures drop antlers/teeth with this type to make colorful weapons/armor
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