Counting spell components

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Counting spell components

Post by Mers » Sun May 24, 2020 1:13 pm

I have been pondering and would like to ask how feasible it would be to implement a feature that checks the amount of components in a container vs your spellbook command.

For example:
spellcheck <component bag name> <amount>
I.e. Spellcheck bag 3
Colour spray has less than 3 sand left.

spellcheck "silk bag"
Colorspray has no components left
stone skin has no components left
Astral walk has no components left

Ideally I would like no arguments to result in the feature checking what spells in your spellbook have no components and report those back.

if anyone has a simpler non coding solution that works better than just manually checking. I'm all ears.

equally, if anyone has a client side solution for VIPMUD already I would love to partake.

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