Coded Dwarven Accent

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Coded Dwarven Accent

Post by Timaeus » Wed Sep 15, 2004 10:02 pm

Another recent code addition to Forgotten Kingdoms was the creation of a dwarven accent for use by players who are not comfortable or unfamiliar with any forms of a typed dwarven accent. It is based a dwarven language posted at . What this code does is it takes properly worded english and translates it to a dwarven equivalent. The Dwaven accent is available for use only by dwarf characters.

Commands For Useage
accent - Shows which coded accent currently in use.
accent dwarven - Turns on the coded accent.
accent none - Turns off the coded accent.

You type: Hello and how are you doing today?
Becomes: Hello an' how are ye daein' today?

You type: Ain't you just being a sissy girl.
Becomes: Ain't ye jist bein' a sissy lass.

You type: If I just had a some more bottles of ale and I can't seem to find any now.
Becomes: If Ah jist hid a some mair bottles o' ale an' Ah cannae seem tae find any noo.

When a full list of words affected by the coded dwarven accent becomes available it will be posted to this thread.
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Post by Timaeus » Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:51 am

The word list for the Dwarven accent.

Code: Select all

Typed As:            Becomes:

about                aboot

after                efter

all                  a'

along                alang

alright              a'right

and                  an'

are                  ur

aren't               urnae

around               roon'

ass                  arse

ball                 ba'

being                bein'

before               afore

belongs              belangs

between              a'tween

body                 boady

bottle               boatle

but                  bar

call                 ca'

can                  kin

cannot               cannae

center               centre

children             weans

cold                 cauld

couldn't             couldnae

crazy                daft

dead                 deid

deaf                 deef

do                   dae

does                 diz

doing                daein'

done                 doon

don't                donnae

down                 doon

drunk                blootered

fart                 feart

fellow               fella

floor                flair

foot                 fit

for                  fur

from                 fae

girl                 lass

boy                  lad

give                 gie

god                  goad

going                gaun

gonna                gonnae

got                  goat

had                  hid

half                 hauf

has                  hiz

hand                 haun

hang                 hing

have                 huv

having               huvin'

haven't              havnae

head                 heid

herself              hersel'

himself              himsel'

hold                 haud

home                 hame

hour                 hoor

hundred              hunner

i                    ah

i'm                  ahm

into                 intae

isn't                isnae

i've                 ah've

just                 jist

language             langweej

leave                lea'

little               wee

lost                 loast

messy                manky

more                 mair

mouth                mooth

my                   ma

myself               masel'

no                   nae

none                 nane

not                  no'

now                  noo

of                   o'

off                  aff

on                   oan

once                 wance

one                  wan
our                  oor

out                  oot

outside              ootside

over                 o'er

own                  ain

poor                 puir

put                  pit

round                roond

shouldn't            shouldnae

small                wee

south                sooth

stand                staun

stop                 stoap

stupid               stupit

them                 thaem

those                thae

thought              thaot

to                   tae

toilet               cludgie

told                 telt

too                  tae

trousers             troosers

understand           understaun

wall                 wa'

was                  wer

wasn't               wiznae

were                 wur

what                 whit

won't                willnae

with                 wi'

world                worreld

would                wid

wouldn't             wouldnae

wouldn'tve           widnae

you                  ye

you'd                ye'd

you'll               ye'll

your                 yer

you're               ye're

yourself             yersel'

you've               ye've
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