Racial Height and Weight

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Racial Height and Weight

Post by Tarven » Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:59 pm

Since this is a topic that has come up frequently, as late, and Harry is working on implementing something more concrete, I figured I would offer this in the meantime:


It's a height/weight chart for the various races of Faerun. It even has planetouched races, and racial variants, like deep gnomes, the various types of elves and dwarves, and even some regional human statistics.

If you don't have dice sitting around (*coughlosercough*) here's a website that will generate some rolls for you:


If you want to think in terms of short/average/tall, you can modify the dice rolls as you see fit. IE;

Shield dwarf base height is 4'9" (57in, 144.5cm) and base weight is 145 lbs (~65.75kg).

The normal modifier for height is 2d4". You could instead roll 3d4, if you wanted to be exceptionally tall, or 1d4 if you wanted to be exceptionally short. The weight modifier is then x(2d6) lbs.

So, say you were going with the average height. You roll 2d4 and (hypothetically) roll a 4, so your total height is 5'1" (61in, ~155cm). You then multiply the 4 by the result of the weight modifier. Say you want to be chubby, so you add an extra die, for a range of 3d6(3-18) and score 12. You would multiply 4*12 for 48 lbs, added to your base of 145, for 193 lbs (~87.55 kg).

Again, this is for general ranges. If you want to make -sure- you're short for a human, instead of rolling 1d10, roll 1d6. Just don't go overboard and roll 10d6 for your height. But, this table should give some general ideas for average ranges for whatever race it is you're making.

(If you want to make it -really- interesting, take your str and con bonus, and add them to your multiplier roll for weight.. so with 16 str and 14 con, you would add +3 and +2, for +5, to your 3d6 roll, IE 12+5)

Hope it helps.
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