Reaver's Regimen

A place to announce forthcoming events and roleplays, organised by imms or players.
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Reaver's Regimen

Post by Althasizor » Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:16 pm

Tink ouse tough 'nough ta be orc? Wot? Ouse tink dis? Stupid un.
Ouse come now. We fight. Gorlok show ouse. Dis why orc alwayz
kill ouse. Ouse weak uns. Ouse come ta I when I say. We go. We
fight. Dis is gud. We go Deepdark, we hunt. We hunted. If ouse
die, dis gud too. If ouse no like dis, Gorlok kill ouse. Ouse meet
I Westgate. Weak oominz not stop us dere.

(A bloody handprint stamps the bottom of the parchment)
Translation: Evil rally to go pillage the Underdark. Meeting spot: Westgate. Warning: Orc hosted.
Time: ... 1=137&ah=2
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What are you talking about? What, that guy?
That was like that when I got here.
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Re: Reaver's Regimen

Post by Grenwyn » Tue Apr 07, 2020 11:23 pm

De Witchdoctah be bringin da mojo!
Kalahani Ka'uhane
Gottschalk, Witchdoctah
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