Dance of the Roses

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Dance of the Roses

Post by Amira » Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:38 pm

It has come to my attention that recently people desire an opportunity to dance and celebrate our great Maiden of Pain at the same time. The Church of Loviatar is more than willing to fulfill that desire and thus a grand ball will be hosted: the Dance of the Roses.
At the time noted below, come to Painbliss Hall (Loviatar's temple in Westgate).
Wear your most fancy clothes (but not armor), but do not bring any foot wear. We shall be dancing on a sea of roses and their thorns will provide the sweetest pain while we dance.
As always there will be food and drinks for all, however, this Dance will have something special: a gift exchange.
All but faith enemies are invited to come, however, entry will only be granted to those who will provide a gift for the exchange. Make it either rose or pain themed, or both if you can. Gifts will be collected upon entry and handed out at a later point of the Dance. Be creative with your gifts! Remember though: Loviatar might ask for a price to be paid for allowing the gifts brought to Her temple to leave again.

If you do not want to carry a heavy gift box in your fine clothes and do not have servants to do it for you on the day of the Dance, you may also send the gift to me in advance.

Amira Syria
Chosen Truescar of Loviatar
OOC: Let's give this another try. This time at this date and time.
As always ideas and issues may be brought up to me or Amira herself.
Let's dance!

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