A place to announce forthcoming events and roleplays, organised by imms or players.
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Post by Althasizor » Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:36 pm

You still stand watch, O human star, burning without a flicker, perfect flame, bright and resourceful spirit... wrote: The Church of Selune in Waterdeep is happy to announce a coming festival to your streets!

Our Oracles have predicted that on the night posted below, the stars will be their most visible, brightest,
out of the entire year - A miracle to be sure in these frigid months! To celebrate this occurrence, the
servants of the Moon are organizing what is being called Starfest in the City of Waterdeep! There will be a
bounty of food to enjoy, a host of games to play (Even a large-scale game to be announced at the time of
the event, so be sure to check it out!), fireworks, toys, and more!

There is no strict dress code of course - But just to make it fun, think about dressing up for the evening!

WHO MAY COME: Anyone allowed within the streets of Waterdeep.
WHY MAY COME: You can win a most fabulous prize! And everyone wins the best consolation prize of all - A fun time.
WHERE MAY COME: We'll be setting up along Selduth street between Warrior's Way and the Dripping Dagger - Easy to find!
WHEN MAY COME: ... T17&p1=137

We hope to see you there,
[At the bottom of the Silversheaf, it has been Silverstamped with the Silversleuth's Silverseal of approval]
Time proposed: ... T17&p1=137
What are you talking about? What, that guy?
That was like that when I got here.
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Re: Starfest

Post by Nikkos » Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:09 pm

I will be there unless something happens!
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