The Void Beckons

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The Void Beckons

Post by Neleya » Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:56 am


The snow settles white
against the darkness of Night;
Winterfest is here.

- Winterfest proverb

The grounds were littered with dolls, each enclosed with a sheet of paper for writing on. Some saw the shadowy entities that ejected them, while others saw black-cloaked figures distributing the dolls to children and families alike. Through these gifts, the Nightlure as appointed by Shar issues a call: A void must now be filled.

In the spirit of giving, the Church of Shar issues an open call to candidates to be assessed, groomed, and ultimately become the gift that keeps on giving - a member of the Order of the Darkcloaks.

Sail your names to the Church with Her straw dolls, and formalise your interest with a member of the faith. The Ferrymen within the piers of Waterdeep and Zhentil Keep may be of convenient assistance. Be patient as you wait in the Silence, aspiring Darkcloaks, for you may be watched before you are called.
OOC: Remember to include your actual char name in the letter on top of the faith enquire/apply. Darkcloaks can be of any class for now. This recruitment drive will be open for about a month.

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