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Starfall- The celebration of the Birth of Tymora!

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:49 am
by Daerin
To all my fellow Tymorans,

I am pleased to announce the celebration of Lady Lucks birth, Starfall!

Come to the Lucky Drunk for an evening of merriment. Alcohol, good company, and fine food will be in abundance, and well lubricated stories shall follow.
This is a time for Tymorans and friends of the faith to come together and mingle, sharing wisdom and tales from daring pursuits past and boasts of adventures yet to come!

Starfall is also a time when official Tymoran business is carried out among the faith- So expect heavy drinking! Maybe bring your waterproof boots, just in case.

All who can make their way to the Lucky Drunk are welcome! Gates are available upon request. Followers of that Really Unlucky Lady need not attend.

OOC: Proposed time is December 27, at 8pm PST, subject to change based on availability!