Dance of roses

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Dance of roses

Post by Amira » Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:36 pm

There is beauty in pain and pain in beauty. To remind us of this the church of
Loviatar will host a dance. Dress yourself in your most beautiful fabrics
or leave your body uncovered if you think it beautiful. Then come to our Maiden's
temple in Westgate. Leave your footwear at home, you will have no need for it.
We shall dance amidst roses - known both for their beauty and their ability to
bring pain - and cry out in pain and joy to Loviatar together. Wine and food
will be served and are free for all to enjoy.
If you are poor and think you cannot afford to come: worry not! Find water to wash
yourself and pick the most beautiful rose you can find. Bring this rose to Amira Syria
and she will dress you so you can enjoy the beauty and pain of the dance as well.
When: ... T20&p1=263
Where: Painbliss Hall in Westgate
Who: All but faith enemies of Loviatar

For any IC questions find Amira or send her a letter. For OOC questions find me on discord or send me a message here.

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