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Post by Mele » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:16 pm

On October 31st wear your costume all day and spend your time hunting pumpkins!

Some will be strong and some will be weak. Some will have prizes in their inventory and some will have nothing. None will be so strong that fighting in a costume is unsafe.

Pumpkins will Westgate, so all races and alignment are welcome to hunt and just enjoy roleplay all together in one city. (Sorry drow and deep gnomes. You know what you signed up for, bring a surfacer!)

The Purple Haze will be filled with food and drink and Halloween treats for the day. An entry to it from Waterdeep Market and ZK Market will be opened for our lowbies.

This is an all day event. Treat the Haze as the new MS for the day while also lurking for pumpkin sightings and enjoying costumes and roleplay. Pumpkins will come and go from my wake time to my sleep time!

Don't have a costume? You have 3 days to send Stacy a box. No repeat customers, I'm exhausted of them! New alts are fine but please be reasonable your whole account doesn't need a costume! 100 platinum and one word description of your choice.

Happy Halloween!
Beshaba potatoes.

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