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Post by Oengus » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:32 pm

As the trees turn with color and the frost thickens in the mountain,
the High Druid of Chauntea looks to strong drink and warm company to
kindle his spirit in the Drawing Down. The Trueseed Oengus bids any
who bear respect for the Mother of All to seek the Shrine of Nature
and join in giving homage to those that have returned to the earth.

Oengus bids adventurers bring ale and cakes to honor the spirits of
those that have returned to the womb of Chauntea, and to share their
memories so that loved ones may be well-remembered. On the night when
the ancient druids believed Toril and the Fugue to overlap one another,
a vigil will be held in the Shrine of Nature.

This event will run from the 24th to the 31st. During this week,
Chaunteans are requested to actively seek out the undead as to
return them to dirt. Adventurers may seek Oengus to share their
stories of lost loved ones and share a drink in their remembrance.

On the 31st, the public is welcomed to join Oengus in his ritual
to ward the dead. Please come and share the story of adventurers
that have passed away so they will be remembered with compassion.

The requiem will be held at the Shrine of Waterdeep.
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