Know your Pain: Fire

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Know your Pain: Fire

Post by Siria » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:43 pm

There are three pains that never fail the faithful of Loviatar: fire, ice and the scourge. And now is the perfect time to educate yourself about them.
For this purpose I, Amira Syria - chosen of Loviatar, will be hosting a series of lessons. We will be starting with fire.

We will meet on the time mentioned below in the antechamber of the Maiden's altar in the Barbed Whip Temple just southwest of Westgate.
All faithful are encouraged to attend, but those who merely want to inquire about the faith or Loviatar's glorious teachings in general are also welcome.

So what can you expect? We will learn about fire and how to use it properly to spread Loviatar's name over the realms. And as I am of the opinion that dealing out pain works best if you have experienced it personally,we shall also experience the fire in all its glory ourselves.
After we have enlightened ourselves in this manner, we shall gather before the altar in a prayer to Loviatar, to thank and praise her for this wonderful pain called fire.
OOC: Let's use this time: ... T20&p1=263
If there are issues with this time, let me know. Hopefully we can work something out

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Re: Know your Pain: Fire

Post by Amira » Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:10 am

Thank you all for coming! I hope you had a good time and don't regret showing up ;)

(For those wondering: this is still Siria, but I managed to lock myself out of my forum account because I'm stupid)

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