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Sponsor That Bard!

Post by Benorf » Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:56 pm

Bardic Sponsor Drive!
Not all poetry is set to music. Not all poetry rhymes. Not all poetry fits a standard scheme. Some people find difficulty with that. It is often hard to find sponsorship when you’re not traditional. The Church of Oghma appreciates and sponsors all bards, so come perform and prove your worth! Earn a sponsor that will allow you to quit living the life you hate and start living the life an artist deserves!

Calling all bards in good standing of the Church of the Binder! If you find yourself low on coin or low on audiences, come and ply your trade at the Temple of the Binder in Berdusk. Whether you secure a permanent patron or not, all bards can be expected to receive payment for their part in the entertainment for the day. In addition, Loremaster Thaien Ellbrecht will select his favorite performer and grant the a special prize, as well as his lifelong sponsorship.

And calling all patrons of the arts! Do you desire to sponsor a bard yourself? Or simply need to hire a bard for your upcoming Birthday party? This is the place for you. Come and listen to bards perform stories, songs, poems, and plays.

This is the proposed time:
October 18th @ 6p Central
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