Passing through the Flames - Loviatar faith meeting

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Passing through the Flames - Loviatar faith meeting

Post by Siria » Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:04 pm

Greetings my brothers and sisters!

There are three pains that never fail us: the whip, cold and fire. It is important to experience each pain ourselves so we may learn how to use it correctly, when we deal out pain to others.

Thus let us gather at the Temple of the Barbed Whip southwest of Westgate and experience the pain the fire can provide. Let us pass our bodies through the flames and cry out the Maiden's name in pain and joy.
After the ceremony we shall gather in the lounge and enjoy food and drink together and share stories of how we brought pain to the realms.

Those curious of the Maiden's teachings are very welcome to participate. We shall try to answer all the questions that may arise.

Amira Syria
I'll set this time: ... 8T02&p1=37
Please post below if you'd like to attend, but can't make it at the time. I'm trying to gather as many faithful as possible.

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