The Running of the Drunks

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The Running of the Drunks

Post by Daerin » Fri Mar 09, 2018 6:01 am

Hello, my fellow Faerunians.

The church of Tymora would like to present for your entertainment, the Running of the Drunks!

The event shall start outside of the gates of Silverymoon, where each person in attendance will be asked to consume no less than three shots of Ruby Red, one of the most potent elixirs in the realms! From there, they will journey down the sword coast, a drunken stumble to the distant town of Berdusk! Along the way you will be issued one more drink at each checkpoint, to make certain you are completely lubricated and prepared for the long journey ahead. No mounts ,flight, or teleportation spells will be allowed, and the use of one will be considered unfair and result in disqualification. Everything else at your disposal is fair game!

Upon arrival in Zazzesspur, each participant will be gifted a wonderful prize! For the more seasoned adventurers, participation will be rewarded with several potions of good fortune, though the real prize will await the most daring adventurers. We invite, nay, dare all young adventurers to participate in the run, for upon your victory, you will be awarded a pack filled to the brim with useful items. Four packs will be available, one each for the various professions in the realm. Warriors, Wizards, Rogues and Priests each have a chance to receive armor, scrolls, potions, and even a random magical item chosen specifically to help you in your profession.

The route will take you from the gates of Silverymoon, to Waterdeep, where you will proceed to the Lucky Drunk and be given another drink. From there to the Friendly Arm Inn, where one more drink will be provided, and finally to the Golden Rose in Berdusk, where the party will be held in the gardens, and the winners will be crowned. The first to arrive alive from each profession will win the corresponding pack. Those who are too advanced will receive a gift of several potions, the care packages being reserved for the young adventurers of the realms. (OOC: Over level 20 or so. Covered in magic? No packs for you!)

Finally, there will be a ceremony at the conclusion of the race to congratulate the winners, console the losers, and to gather together in Tymora's grace. Food and rink will be provided in large quantity. So get out there, be bold, and come enjoy the company of your fellow adventurers. Maybe bring extra pairs of boots as well.

Beshabans need not apply. Or, if you're gonna show up, make sure to keep those symbols hidden and your malice at the door.

Dare Much, and have fun!

-Wonko the Sane, Luckspell for the Goddess Tymora

OOC: This event will be held on Saturday, March 17 at 6pm PST. Pour a beverage of your choice and come enjoy the chaos!!!
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Re: The Running of the Drunks

Post by Stigr » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:21 am

SIR Stigr will be there to observe as guardian and corpse retriever in the event of untimely death. But will probably end up enjoying a bottle of stout beer as he watches all the drunks.
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