Welcoming party

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Welcoming party

Post by Siria » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:51 pm

It is with great pride that Amira Syria and Calix Varen announce the birth of their first daughter:

Savina Daunyelle Syria

To celebrate this joyful occasion the parents invite all who are on good terms with either the parents themselves or their faiths (Loviatar and Malar) to come see the newborn in the lounge of the temple of the Barbed Whip, southwest of Westgate.

Food will be provided.

Troublemakers of any sort as well as faith enemies are not welcome.

As the parents are deeply rooted within their faiths, they encourage faith siblings to attend, even if they do not know the parents personally.
Likewise, people, who simply enjoy welcoming a new person to our world, may attend the party, as long as their faith is not opposing to those of the parents.

OOC: It is rather short notice, but I still hope many will be able to attend:
https://www.timeanddate.de/zeitzonen/ev ... 7T22&p1=37

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