Prayer and Worship for Sune

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Prayer and Worship for Sune

Post by Aislynn » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:41 am

Greetings, all devoted worshipers of the Lady Firehair!

Lady Aislynn Miande, Heartwarder of Sune, invites you all to join her in an hour of worship, praise and song in thanks for the Goddess Sune gracing us with her holy presence in the Market Square not so long ago.

Worshipers are asked to bring an object of personal beauty to leave at the altar for Sune's pleasure, that She might feel our thankfulness for being considered worthy of glimpsing her visage. There is no gift too rich to bring, but one of personal significance will be most appropriate for this offering.

We shall open with a prayer to Sune, followed by a short sermon regarding the truths of Love, Beauty and Passion. Afterwards, we will raise our voices in song to the most lovely of deities and so close our worship for the night. Food and drink will be provided!

Please come clothed in either ceremonial garb or your most lovely attire, and prepare for a night of Love, Beauty and Passion!

~Lady Aislynn Miande, Heartwarder of Sune

OOC: This event is planned for Wednesday the 24th, 8:00 PM EST. If anyone has any issues with the scheduling, please feel free to post a suggested change <3
Changing this to Saturday by popular suggestion =P Saturday the 27th!

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