Speaking for the Trees

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Speaking for the Trees

Post by Oengus » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:42 am

Whispers spread throughout the temples of Chauntea and soon echo from the chatter of hearty farmwives.
The Talking Tree of Chauntea has called together those faithful disciples of the Earth Mother.
It seems he wishes to discuss the turning of seasons, the turning of soil, and the magic of planting trees.

As ancients cast stone circles
Where one turns to-wards the poles
So the sun wanders by this circle
Upon which all humors turn.

So too I will plant a ring of trees,
Circling them like so,
And in their midst a mushroom ring,
Where dancing lights a-glow.

I call to thee, Allies of Chauntea
Gather up thy tools and wander.
Let us plant our precious seeds
And let us work a Wonder.
Lay your sword unto its sheath, set down your shield, tis time to eat. Butter thy bread and slice thy wurst, rest thy boots upon the hearth! For never was a meal as fine! Bless the mead and mutton, bread and wine.

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