Fashion Contest

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Fashion Contest

Post by Volothamp » Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:43 am

It has been announced by one of the finest fashionistas of the Realms, Francescia Desont, that a contest shall be set before the masses. Help your fellow adventurers be dressed to impress by competing, and enter YOUR designs!
Hello darlings,

The grand, inspired Francescia has designed fashion statements
for many years, and now wishes to grant the populace the
opportunity to wow her. Submit your ideas of clothing design
by post for her inspection. You shall provide three items
together. Designs shall be judged on individual inspiration
as well as cohesion between the three items. Winners shall
find their designs available for sale for a limited time at
Dapper Dave's, as well be awarded a coin purse. The winner
shall be announced by noteboard.

Francescia Desont

OOC: Contest shall close on October 21

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