The New Hunt - Blood Stalkerz/Orc Recruitment

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The New Hunt - Blood Stalkerz/Orc Recruitment

Post by Svenrick » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:24 pm

Deep in the mountains, caves, and the surrounding forests of the Orcish claim a peculiar horn sounds calling forth new blood to a fresh clan, one that serves Malar the Beastlord. Despite the fledgling clan's recent founding they have already found some measure of power in numbers, alliances, and faith. Now they seek to recruit more than before to begin a new chapter for their race in honor of a different deity. As the horn's peal splits the air do you find yourself drawn to its call?

The Blood Stalkaz community of Orcs is here to reinvent and revitalize the roleplay experience of the Orcs for both sides involved with more meaningful character interaction at the heart of the vision. The previous status-quo of following Gruumsh seemed to bring forth many expectations that often lead to PvP over discussion and interaction. I have seen some Orc players that break this mold, but from personal experience and that of the other members there were many issues we seek to rectify with this route.

This clan is still Evil and savage, but with a code of honor meant to distinguish themselves from others. E.g., they do not kill children, the sick, pregnant, etc. A rule of thumb on raiding targets is that if you would not be proud to boast about it before your fellow hunters in front of a fire it's probably taboo. It's our hope to provide a threat to good characters that is not so unreasonable and frustrating to the players themselves.

It is our hope that it will broaden the scope of characters able to learn firsthand of Orcish culture as it is and the outcomes of encounters when it's not so much the Us vs. Them mentality of Gruumsh. As a sidenote it's still perfectly, within reason, to play an Orc that follows Gruumsh and we don't want to completely isolate these character/players. At any rate I'd love for you to PM me your suggestions, feedback, and criticisms.

If you're interested in coordinating RP and lining up schedules to play with your fellow Orcs then add me on Skype (ofarrogantmenandmodestmice) or send me a PM through here with other contact info or a time schedule so we can get the ball rolling.

Also be sure to check the clan's website for more information:

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