Stories of Pain

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Stories of Pain

Post by Amira » Fri Sep 11, 2020 12:49 am

Pain is everywhere.

Every single one of us has experienced it before, either giving or receiving it.
Now is the time to honor Loviatar by collecting our stories of pain and retelling them!

Write down your own encounter with pain and send it to me through the magical post (or any other means you might find). You may also deliver it to me personally (you can find me either in the temples in and around Westgate or at the Purple Haze in Westgate).
I will personally read and judge all the stories. Great storytelling is encouraged, but do not shy away if you are no bard!
We shall all gather at the lounge of the Barbed Whip temple after the judging period, where we will listen to all the entries. Of course there will also be food and drinks for all to enjoy. I will announce the winner, who will also receive a reward.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Amira Syria
Chosen Truescar of Loviatar
OOC: Story time!
The encounter with pain can be anything your character has experienced, either during active playtime or as part of their background. Have a character with a horrible past? Flesh it out now and write down one of those painful moments in their life!
You can send in your stories until the end of September 25th, the gathering itself will be at this time, unless too many people request a different time.
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