One-hit kill?

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One-hit kill?

Post by Lystianna » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:41 pm

<50%hp 100m 24%mv>
With a sickening sound your pierce violently shreds a large metal dummy's abdomen.
a large metal dummy has blood gushing from several grievous wounds.

<50%hp 100m 23%mv>
A large metal dummy's punch brutally pulverizes your right leg.

<49%hp 100m 23%mv>
Your pierce tears wounds into a large metal dummy's chest.
a large metal dummy is leaking heart-blood.

<49%hp 100m 21%mv>
You grunt as a large metal dummy's kick lands.

<50%hp 100m 30%mv>
With a sickening sound your pierce shreds a large metal dummy's chest.
a large metal dummy has suffered mortal injury.

<50%hp 100m 29%mv>...Everything begins to fade to black.

You feel yourself leaving your body... rising up into the air, you feel
more free than you have ever felt before...

However, before your deity comes to collect your soul, you feel a strange
pulling sensation as strange and colorful mists swirl around you...

A large metal dummy's punch brutally pulverizes your chest.

<1%hp 0m 0%mv>
A Room at the Inn of the Dripping Dagger

I lost a fair bit of time and exp, and I don't think this was a legitimate death. As you can see from the above log, I had plenty of exp, and I've killed dozens of those dummies...
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Re: One-hit kill?

Post by Harroghty » Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:49 pm

Yes, it is entirely plausible that a dummy could have caused sufficient damage to kill your PC with a critical hit.

I am judging this based upon your HP %, total HP by hit location, and the damage message from the dummy.
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Re: One-hit kill?

Post by Vaemar » Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:56 pm

I had similar experiences in the past:

- I killed more than one mob with a single punch to the head, and they often were with full hp. However the server never told me I had scored a critical hit. Last time it happened was my wood elf punching a bandit, but I recall it happening with a pair of moles in Blingdenstone and with one of the vrils in the ruins of Do'Urden. It happened also once or twice to my halfling who uses a club.

- My tiefling was killed by a student of Haroloth Magthere who killed her, despite she had more than 70% hp, with a single punch to the head after he had been disarmed.

- My forest gnome was killed by a goblin in the Moss Bed with a single crush to the head, despite he had more than 50% hp.

I heard of at least two drow being killed by the unarmed students in Melee Magthere in a similar fashion.

So what I can ascertain from this is:
- The victims are low level PCs or mobs
- It happens only with punches or crushing weapons
- At least when I was the puncher/clubber I did not receive critical hit messages.
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