Sheaths and Quivers containers?

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Sheaths and Quivers containers?

Post by Wenin » Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:09 am

There is a Tanner in Tangle Trees, that says the following as you enter:
Shindala says 'I can also repair your armours and containers made of leather.'

I have three items that I feel should be repairable by a tanner

a fringed leather boot sheath - made of leather
a rothe hide thigh sheath - made of a leather
a fringed leg quiver with green and white quills - While the name doesn't indicate the material used, most quivers are made of leather, and are fairly simple.

But she's unable to repair these items, cause I guess they aren't considered "containers".

For the quiver, I just go ahead and buy a new one, when the one I have is damaged enough to make me nervous.

I know the following is really a separate issue, but I have to say that it seems my belts, quivers, containers, and sheaths get damaged more often than my armor... by a wide margin. When I went in to get things repaired:
simple cloth shoulder-bag (Superb)
leg quiver (usable)
Rothe hide sheath (usable)
boot sheath (superb)

All my other equipment is undamaged, and I wear scalemail or elven chain. I suppose there is a durability attribute for equipment, and bags and such are more easily damaged?
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Re: Sheaths and Quivers containers?

Post by Harroghty » Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:24 pm

Quivers and scabbards are not containers from a code perspective despite the fact that they are technically containers by the dictionary standard.

They are different object types (see:, ITEM_TYPE_SHEATH and ITEM_TYPE_CONTAINER. You should feel free to suggest some repair shops which should repair both. Thanks.
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