The Adoubement of Amarantha

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The Adoubement of Amarantha

Post by Amethyst » Wed May 29, 2019 11:03 pm

Posting here for those who could not attend, or those who attended but had trouble understanding the ceremony performed in Elven. :D

An Altar to Corellon Larethian

A large dais of marble in the color of moonstone steps up to the Altar of
Corellon. From above, there hangs banners of different Elven nations, many
lost and forgotten. Upon the altar is carved numerous crescent moons,
matched with the crescent moons is the symbol of every other deity of the
Seldarine. The altar glows with a light that fills up the chamber. In the
center of the dais, there stands a marble statue.

Feywarden Olwe Durothil of Corellon Larethian is here.
An elven bladesinger is roaming in the temple quietly.
Lythos is here.

Dark midnight tresses fall about this fair-skinned elven female, brightened
with many strands of blue highlighting. Her slender frame is kept in rather
exquisite shape with subtle curves blessing her toned figure. Milky skin is
brushed with pale blue hints in a teasing of coloring. Her angular, elegant
features hold an easy grace much in the same way as her effortless motions.
Thin eyebrows arch delicately over a pair of two-toned eyes, their outsides
a ring of vibrant sapphire that deepens into a dark viridescent center. Her
eyes seem attentive to their surroundings, yet serene despite a vibrant mix
of colouring within then. Her smooth high cheekbones, and twin pointed ears
are indicative of obvious elven heritage. A slim and dainty nose is center
upon her face above a pair of lips possessing a slight downturned shape. A
faintly pointed chin completes her angular, elven features.

A midnight-blue haired female moon elf is in perfect health.
Amarantha is using:
<worn on ears> an elven filigree ear ornament tipped with a moonstone (perfect)
<worn around neck> a bright necklace of braided unicorn hair (perfect)
<worn on neck> a necklace of flowering vine (perfect)
<worn as symbol> a silver pendant shaped like a crescent moon (perfect)
<worn on body> peerless robes of immaculate silk (perfect)
<worn on feet> a pair of silken slippers (perfect)
<worn about waist> a silk girtle (perfect)
<floating around> (Glowing) an opaque silvery Crescent Moon (perfect)

A pretty, young female human walks in from the south.
Olwe Durothil says to A pretty, young female human 'Greetings and welcome to Everdusk Hall.'
Olwe Durothil asks A pretty, young female human 'Do you wish to learn of the Elven Faiths?'

A pretty, young female human smiles at Olwe Durothil.
A pretty, young female human looks at you.
A pretty, young female human looks at Lythos.

Amarantha bows politely before A pretty, young female human 'A fair even to you. I do not believe our paths have

crossed thusfar. I am Amarantha, Squire of Corellon'.

A pretty, young female human slightly arches a perfectly shaped brow, seeming a bit perplexed, but offers a polite

bow all the same, her lips playing up into a smile of surpassing beauty. 'I fear I am not so skilled in the tongue

of elves as to be able to readily pick apart your meaning; what little I know was for use with Sir Aramil, and is no

substitute for a full grasp of the language.'.

Amarantha blinks and bows her head apologetically.
You now speak common.

You say to A pretty, young female human 'I apologize, we had been speaking previously, and I had forgotten to speak

in Common towards you'

Lythos nods and bows his head toward A pretty, young female human, saying in common, 'Greetings.'.

Renea walks in from the south.
Elisabeth walks in from the south.

Olwe Durothil says to Renea 'Greetings and welcome to Everdusk Hall.'
Olwe Durothil asks Renea 'Do you wish to learn of the Elven Faiths?'

Renea coughs, 'I'm sorry, but it'll have to be later.'.

A pretty, young female human lifts a gauntleted hand, the smile not fading as she replies in a tone melodic and

sweet, 'Worry not, 'tis well and good that you speak elven here, I would think! You introduced yourself, I believe?'

The woman's chocolate brown eyes flick to Lythos, setting the fullness of her countenance on him. 'Greetings to you,

as well.'.

Amarantha turns to bow before Renea and Elisabeth 'A fair eve, and I thank you for attending.' She smiles lightly to

the pair.

Lythos looks at Renea.
Lythos looks at Elisabeth.

Elisabeth bows her head respectfully before Olwe Durothil and then, smiling, to you. 'Well again, good squire.'.

Renea dips her head lightly towards you, 'Thank-you for having us. And congratulations once more, Squire Amarantha.

Certainly that will be amongst the last times you are addressed as such.'.

Elisabeth looks at you.

Amarantha nods her agreement, 'Yes, unless I am denied, or something has gone terribly wrong...'.

Renea looks at you.
You smile at her.

Lythos dips his head toward Elisabeth and Renea.

Shevir walks in from the south.
A pretty, young female human looks at Shevir.
Lythos looks at Shevir.

Shevir walks in, smoothing his robes as he looks around ' Am I late?'.

Amarantha turns back to A pretty, young female human 'Indeed, I apologize for that trouble of language earlier, but

yes, I introduced myself indeed. I am Amarantha'.

Lythos bows before Shevir.

You greet everybody in the room.

Amarantha shakes her head to Shevir 'Indeed not, you are actually early'.

Elisabeth mentions while hooking her thumbs in a hammer-studded belt, 'Unlikely, no doubt.' Her chin dips then for

Lythos in turn. 'Forestarm, hail. And Lady Aislynn, well to see you again also.'.

Shevir waves to Lythos and winks ' None of that, we are friends! ' he wipes his brow and smiles ' Good! I knew I

almost forgot something..'.

Shevir looks sheepishly to you ' My apologies, I should have had better recollection about the date and time..'.

Shevir blushes.

Shevir walks over to stand near Lythos.

Elisabeth looks at Lythos.
Renea looks at Lythos.
Renea looks at A pretty, young female human.
Elisabeth looks at Shevir.
Shevir looks at A pretty, young female human.

Amarantha smiles reassuringly to Shevir 'You need not apologize, and welcome.'.

Renea looks at Shevir.

A pretty, young female human replies in sweet melody to you, 'Well met then, Amarantha; I would include your title,

but I think I shall simply wait a time, hmm? I am Lady Aislynn, knight of Sune. A blessing and honor indeed to be

able to join you for such a momentous occasion.'

A pretty, young female human greets you.

Alinor walks in from the south.

Lythos looks at Olwe Durothil.
Lythos looks at Alinor.
An elven squire walks north.
Elisabeth looks at Alinor.

Aislynn lifts a gauntlet to Elisabeth, flashing a smile of surpassing beauty for her alone. 'Dame Elisabeth, well


Amarantha smiles lightly, though her cheeks darken faintly. She folds her hands before her neatly, 'I thank you for

attending. It is a fine occasion when I am able to meet another upon a similar path.'.

Shevir looks at Alinor.

Only an inch or two below six and a half feet in height, with broad
shoulders and a lean yet powerful build, he could almost pass for
a human were one to judge him on size alone. Well-sculpted,
angular, features, the fine point of his ears, and the distinct shape
of his emerald-colored eyes are quintessentially elven. His skin
has a light bronze tone to it and his straight, nearly waist-length,
hair is a vibrant golden-blond color that has a natural sheen to
even in dim light.

He has a noble bearing and his voice is a rich baritone with a
lilting accent carried over from his native tongue.

A tall, golden-blond, male sun elf is in perfect health.
Alinor is using:
<worn on finger> (Glowing) a diamond-encrusted dark green iron ring (perfect)
<worn on finger> a ring of the Fellowship (perfect)
<worn around face> (Glowing) an oval-shaped ivory cameo attached to an elegant pin (perfect)
<worn around neck> a cyan amulet of communication (perfect)
<worn on neck> an ivory horse on a mithril chain (perfect)
<worn as symbol> a silver pendant shaped like a crescent moon (perfect)
<worn on body> a tabard of the Forgotten Flower (superb)
<worn on body> a layered elven steel cuirass emblazoned with a crescent moon (perfect)
<worn on legs> crested elven steel greaves with leaf-shaped poleyns (perfect)
<worn on feet> some crested elven steel boots (perfect)
<worn on arms> a fur-lined leather satchel (perfect)
<worn on arms> crested elven steel vambraces with leaf-shaped pauldrons (perfect)
<worn about waist> a crested elven steel fauld with a leaf-shaped boss (perfect)
<worn around wrist> a pair of engraved leather bracers with elven steel buckles (perfect)
<worn around wrist> a silver wrist sheath (perfect)
<floating around> (Glowing) an opaque silvery Crescent Moon (perfect)
<worn on belt> an engraved scalemail scabbard with an embossed crescent moon (perfect)
<worn on belt> a dark leather weapon loop stitched with silver clouds (perfect)
<worn on belt> a sapphire spellpouch embroidered with diamond stars (perfect)

Amarantha bows before Alinor and smiles, 'Sir Alinor, a fair eve to you.'.

Renea looks at Alinor.

Elisabeth's thin lips find a slight smile once more as she spots Alinor's approach. Her head bowing, she affords

Alinor a greeting of, 'Hail, and well again, good sir.'.

Aislynn looks at Alinor.

Renea smiles over at Alinor, 'Good evening. Certainly congratulations are in order for you, Sir Alinor. It must be

quite gratifying to see your student brought forth like this.'.

Alinor lets his gaze drift around the room, a small smile on his lips as the come to rest on the altar and then

moving on to incline his head respectfully towards the departing priest. He turns then to you, the smile still on

his lips. 'Fair eve, Squire,' he tells you, and then inclines his head towards the rest, 'And to you all.'.

This gold elf male stands barely over five feet in height. His hair is
a deep black that falls downwards along his shoulders. His eyes are a
bright green that seem to capture the light around them and shimmer.
His features hold a noble air about him mixed with a stern arrogance.
Slim and slender as a reed, he wears a set of Elven chainmail with a
symbol of a Crescent moon upon his chest.

Olwe Durothil is in perfect health.
Olwe Durothil is using:
<worn as armour> studded leather armour
<right hand> a steel long sword (perfect)

A sinewy, angular male human walks in from the south.

You see a fair-skinned man with features sharp and slender as a sword
blade. Angry red scars cover the knuckles of his calloused hands and
spoil the impression they might have belonged to an artist. They're
meticulous and slender, and might have plucked beautiful music from a
harp or made new worlds on canvas, but they look incongruous with the
angry art wreaked upon them.

The sense of misuse fades, however, when his battered, slender hands
are taken in with his thick swords player's wrists and an opaque gaze
that, despite its inscrutable emotion, seems to radiate purpose and a
steely dedication from beneath the mirrored, emerald surface. A salt-
and-pepper coloring appears through his tapered mustache and a short,
warlike beard.

A sinewy, angular male human is in perfect health.
A sinewy, angular male human is using:
<worn on finger> a Purple Dragon signet ring (perfect)
<worn around neck> a silver pendant hung upon a thin silver chain (perfect)
<worn as symbol> a pendant shaped like an open-handed gauntlet (perfect)
<worn on body> bright silver robes with a gauntlet symbol (perfect)
<worn on feet> tall boots of supple leather (perfect)
<worn about waist> a thick leather belt studded with silver dragons (perfect)
<worn around wrist> dusky purple bracers (perfect)
<floating around> (Glowing) a glittering amethyst (perfect)
<worn on belt> a large leather-wrapped scabbard (perfect)

Shevir nods politely to A sinewy, angular male human.

A sinewy, angular male human enters and bows his head to Olwe Durothil, then to Alinor, and then to you.


Aislynn offers A sinewy, angular male human a little wave and a soft, 'Well met, Sir Harroghty. 'Tis good to see


George steps in quietly, smiling at you as he does.

Alinor inclines his head in return to A sinewy, angular male human, 'Uluvathae, Lord Rallyhorn. It is good to see


A sinewy, angular male human switches to Common and nods to Elisabeth, Renea, and Aislynn . 'Peace be upon you.' He

nods, too, to Shevir and George.

Alinor greets you.

Amarantha bows politely before A sinewy, angular male human 'A fair even to you. I do not believe that we have been

previously acquainted. I am Amarantha, Squire of Corellon.' She smiles towards George as he arrives, 'Welcome to you

as well, friend'.

You greet everybody in the room.

Elisabeth drops her chin once more, head bowing for A sinewy, angular male human while saying, 'And well again, good

sir.' without losing the hint of her smile. Blindfolded eyes draw fthenfrom the southern path to gaze over the

statue and altar before them.

You hear the elven prayers filling the Hall.

Alinor looks at Lythos.

George stands to the side quietly.

A sinewy, angular male human returns to the Elvish tongue quickly and bows his head again to you, replying, 'You are

well met. I am called Sir Harroghty.'.
A sinewy, angular male human greets you.

Alinor looks at George.
Alinor looks at Shevir.
George looks at you.

Amarantha replies to Harroghty in the flowing, musical tones of elven, 'A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I do

believe I have heard your name a time or two previous to our meeting.'.

Lythos glances at George.
Lythos smiles at George.

Olwe Durothil turns to Alinor with an inquiring look.

Alinor takes a few brief moments looking around the gathering again, taking in the faces he doesn't know and

offering smiles and nods to Aislynn, Renea, and Elisabeth, 'It is good to see you all here. I wish to thank you all

for making this journey.'.

Aislynn pulls out a tiny book with a cover titled 'Common Elven Phrases and Their Translations' , frowning a bit as

she flips through the pages with a thumb.

Shevir listens, only frowning in concentration occasionally as the fair folk speak.

Amarantha bows her head once towards the altar, then looks to smile towards Alinor softly, her eyes perhaps misting

a bit.

Renea smiles over at Alinor, 'Thank-you, the journey was certainly worthwhile to be part of such a momentous


Lythos glances at Aislynn.
Lythos smirks at Aislynn.

Shevir speaks in accented elven 'I was glad to be iotktfd, good sir.'.

Alinor notices Olwe Durothil's look and moves over to stand nearby, giving you a nod, 'Squire.'.

Harroghty bows his head to you again, replying, 'I look forward to hearing yours more and more as you go forward in

your service.'.

George smiles at Shevir.
Shevir winks at George.

Olwe Durothil raises his palms toward the roof.
Olwe Durothil says 'Uluvathae. May your fortune bring you joy.'

Aislynn eventually gives up, returning the book to a small bag and making herself content with standing nearby in

all her shining armor and lovely smiles.

Alinor clasps his hands together behind his back and bows his head to Olwe Durothil.

Lythos looks at Olwe Durothil.

Shevir smiles happily, showing his crooked teeth.

Olwe Durothil says 'We are gathered today to consecrate Amarantha to AkhFaenTelQuess - a life of duty.'
Olwe Durothil lowers his hands and lifts one to indicate you.

Alinor looks at you.

Amarantha bows her head low, listening to Olwe Durothil's words as a sense of reverence comes over her at the


George looks to you briefly, nodding faintly.

Olwe Durothil lays his palms then against his chest.

Olwe Durothil says 'All of us stands guard against the death of our people's ways, but she has been called to guard

too against the banished darkness which threatens us.'

A treant sneaks in from the west.
A treant sneaks in from the north.
A treant sneaks in from the east.
A treant sneaks in from the south.

George looks at Aislynn.
Elisabeth looks at a treant.

Standing fifteen feet high, this massive figure resembles an
oak tree with arms and legs. The branches of its arms are covered
with deep green leaves, while the roots which hold it in the
ground are split into two distinct groupings that would be legs
on any other bipedal creature. The trunk of the creature contains
crude eyes and a ragged mouth, cutting deep into the rough bark.

A treant is in perfect health.
a treant is using: Nothing!

George looks at a treant.

George stops using a gold-laced emerald-green hat with a gold trim.

A treant reaches up to interweave its branches with a treant and a treant beside it, as do each of the others,

forming a canopy.

Lythos smiles at a treant.

A subtle vibration in the air becomes a low humming and manifests itself slowly in a faint roseate glow...

Shevir looks around and gasps in wonder.

Olwe Durothil looks to you for a long moment.

George's eyes widen a bit.

Harroghty looks from a treant to a treant, then back to Olwe Durothil and you.

Aislynn looks at a treant.

Olwe Durothil asks you 'You have been chosen, Amarantha, will you now serve?'

Alinor's lips curl into a smile as he takes in the treants and the glow manifesting nearby.

The hum becomes a dull throbbing as the treants begin to sway slightly, their branches creaking against each other.

Alinor turns his attention fully towards you.

George's smile widens as he watches the treants a moment.

Amarantha lifts her head up, looking between the treants. Her lips part slightly at their actions. She turns her

head to gaze back upon Olwe Durothil more and replies in her flowing native tongue, 'I heard the call within my

heart from a young age. This call has shaped my life and guided me to this path.' She lifts a hand, placing it

against her heart, 'I pledge here and now to serve Corellon Larethian faithfully for the rest of my days with my

body, heart, and soul. I shall so serve.'.

Olwe Durothil nods at you.
Olwe Durothil puts on a smile which he aims toward Alinor.
Olwe Durothil asks Alinor 'And you, Lord Evanara, is she fit for this duty to our people?'

Harroghty's gaze moves from you to Alinor.

George's gaze follows to each as they speak.

Lythos looks at Alinor.
George looks at Olwe Durothil.
Aislynn looks at Alinor.
George looks at Alinor.

Alinor considers you for a few heartbeats, still smiling as he nods his head, 'She is indeed.'.

Olwe Durothil smiles.
Olwe Durothil nods.
Olwe Durothil smiles at you.

Olwe Durothil says to you 'Then the Coronal accepts the promise of its daughter Amarantha...'

Amarantha smiles lightly towards Alinor for his words, then returns her attention to Olwe Durothil.

The humming air and the faint roseate hue birth a bud of color which becomes larger and larger until a sword

manifests itself between Olwe and Amarantha.

Someone drops a crystalline scabbard adorned with pale gemstones.

Olwe Durothil says to you '...and by accepting this sword do you swear to fulfill your promise.'

When you look inside, you see:
a crystalline scabbard adorned with pale gemstones contains:
(12702) (Humming) an elegantly tapered sword with a pale blue grip (perfect)
It can be picked up, worn on the belt.
It is medium in size and would fit a humanoid.

Aislynn's chocolate brown gaze pans up along the sword's length, a smile playing at her lovely lips.

Alinor's brows raise slightly as the sword appears before you.

Amarantha gazes at the lovely scabbard and the hilt placed within said scabbard as her eyes widen. She reaches

forward, pausing in the briefest of moments before her hand slowly closes around it, accepting it respectfully. She

holds the scabbard within her hands as though it were a fragile, precious thing. 'I so swear.' Her words are soft,

yet each one is clearly, carefully spoken.

You get a crystalline scabbard adorned with pale gemstones.

The glow evaporates and, in its place, the tender leaves from the swaying canopy above begin to gently fall to the

ground, showering the room...

Someone drops pale, dew-dappled leaves.

A nimbus of blue light plays across the sky in a dazzling display as the Coronal's favor briefly adorns Faerun


Elisabeth's eyes lift a moment to watch the falling of leaves, thin lips touched by a hint of a smile ere she looks

down again upon you.

A treant sways and groans softly, crunching its branches softly against those of its fellows beside.

Lythos smiles as he looks at you, nodding approvingly.

You wear a crystalline scabbard adorned with pale gemstones on your belt.

Shevir claps his hands and lets out a long shout 'UPQPMOQPOOQOOOMOOOO!'.

Harroghty's lips break into a smile and he bows his head shortly toward you before joining the others in admiration

of the spectacle around them.

Shevir smiles at you.

A treant sneaks west.
A treant sneaks north.
A treant sneaks east.
A treant sneaks south.

Renea clasps her hands behind herself and looks up with a soft smile playing on her lips as she takes in the

serenely falling leaves, then she suddenly cringes and holds her hands up wardingly at Shevir's shout.

George nods to you, a smile on his lips as he does.

Amarantha wears the scabbard, and her hand carefully closes around the hilt of her blade. She slowly draws it and

turns to face the others, the flat of the blade resting upon her free hand to display it to the others.

You get an elegantly tapered sword with a pale blue grip from a crystalline scabbard adorned with pale gemstones.

Aislynn lifts her hands in a polite clap, issuing in her melodic tone, 'Congratulations, Dame Amarantha.'.

Aislynn looks at you.
Harroghty looks at you.
Lythos looks at Lythos.

Harroghty looks at you.
Lythos looks at Lythos.

You now speak common.

Harroghty approaches you and bows his head once more. 'My lady, I am pleased to see another servant of the Coronal

advanced. I cannot linger too long, but I have this gift of elven steel to show Torm the True's admiration for your

accomplishments in duty...'.

Amarantha smiles softly, admiring the new blade before sliding it back into the scabbard once more, and addresses

those gathered in Common, 'I thank all of you who have joined me this day, to celebrate the occasion. I am deeply


Harroghty offers a large, flat bag toward you.

You stop using an elegantly tapered sword with a pale blue grip.
You sheath an elegantly tapered sword with a pale blue grip in a crystalline scabbard adorned with pale gemstones.

Alinor watches as the treants drift away again and then bows his head to Olwe Durothil with a smile of respect and

thanks. He steps forward then to stand beside you, pausing as Harroghty offers his respects.

George looks at you.

Amarantha turns to Harroghty, her eyes widening 'I thank you, Sir Harroghty, for attending, as well as this gift.'

She bows her head respectfully, 'It is incredibly kind and generous of you.'.

Elisabeth finally, seemingly once her ears catch a cue from spoken Common, affords you a brief and very soft

applause of gloved hands while saying, 'Felicitations, Lady Amarantha.' though little else ere she falls again

silent to observe further.

Renea smiles and lifts her hands in a quiet bit of applause, before saying calmly, 'Thank-you so very kindly for

allowing us to observe such an auspicious and holy happening, Lady Amarantha.'.

Alinor can't help but give the sword a closer glance, the look of a craftsman appraising a work of art, before it is

once again sheathed.

Harroghty hands over the bag and bows his head once more, 'Cormiira - Corellon's blessing.' He retreats and smiles,

adding, '..and my apology to depart so quickly. I look forward to seeing you again soon.'.

Harroghty gives you a white leather bag.

Alinor offers Harroghty a smile and inclines his head, 'Sweet water and light laughter.'.

Harroghty bows his head to Alinor and replies, 'Peace be upon you, Sir Alinor, and well done.'.
Harroghty switches back to his native accent to add, 'Peace be upon you all,' before departing.
Harroghty walks south.

Shevir stretches luxuriously. Makes you want to, doesn't it?

Amarantha turns to Alinor and smiles softly a she bows, 'And my thanks to you, Sir Alinor, for whom all of this

would not have been possible. I am quite within your debt for the assistance you have granted me in the form of my


Aislynn offers Alinor a slight bow from her position across the room, should she catch the elf's eye. She speaks a

soft, 'Beauty bless, and my deepest congratulations,' before likewise stepping back to leave after Sir Harroghty.

Shevir looks to you and smiles 'If you ever need arcane asristcnce, Dame Amarantga, do not igsgtauf to call on me?'.

Your title has been set to ', Paladin of Corellon'.
Note: your title is 'in character' information, so please ensure that it is
appropriate for your character.

Elisabeth steps forward, lifting a methodically wrapped parsel slightly in a white-gloved palm. Her head bows

respectfully for you, saying, ''Tis ever a pleasure to see another join the paladins' ranks. I shall hope this prove

of some small aid to you as you..' she smiles as she remarks the next few words, '..begin your path.'.

Elisabeth gives you a red gift box.

Amarantha accepts the box as her cheeks darken just a bit. She smiles to Elisabeth 'I thank you, it is indeed

generous for you to have brought me a gift.'.

You open a red gift box.

When you look inside, you see:
a red gift box contains:
(Cool presents)
It can be picked up, held.
It cannot be worn with any other armour.
It is medium in size and would fit a humanoid.
It is made of a shiny red paper.

George looks at you.
Renea takes a few paces up next to Elisabeth, standing aside her with her hands about a similarly wrapped package.
George looks at Elisabeth.

Elisabeth bows her head, more briefly, a second time and replies, 'An I can ever be of service, I pray you but ask,

good lady. You're most welcome.' She withdraws then for Renea and the rest.

Alinor turns to you once again, speaking now in the common tongue as he gives a small shake of his head, 'There is

no need to thank me. The effort, and the credit, belong to you. Congratulations, it is well deserved.'.

You say to Elisabeth 'This shall certainly help me to start, and I do appreciate it.'

Renea holds her own box out for you, 'Congratulations, Lady Amarantha. As a merchant and a traveller of the realms,

I appreciate the security brought to all of us by the tireless efforts of paladins such as yourself. As thanks for

your future service, please accept this small gift.'.

Renea gives you a red gift box.

Amarantha smiles to Alinor, 'Thank you... this means much to me.' She accepts this next box with a curious glance,

then smiles a bit further, 'I thank you, Holycoin, for your generosity as well'.

You open a red gift box.
When you look inside, you see:
a red gift box contains:
(More cool presents)
It can be picked up, held.
It cannot be worn with any other armour.
It is medium in size and would fit a humanoid.
It is made of a shiny red paper.

Elisabeth looks over to Alinor, smiling as her hands come to rest again at her belt of office. 'Admirable humility

notwithstanding, felicitations also to you, sir. Your second... you must be proud.'.

You say to Renea 'These are all lovely and wondrous, thank you'

George glances over at the exchange with a smile and turns back to you.

Amarantha addresses those gathered with a smile, saying, 'I am overwhelmed this day, for everyone's presence. There

is a banquet table prepared, if you wish to ease hunger or thirst. Shall we go there?'.

Renea smiles at you, 'While not nearly as fantastic as the sword granted to you by your patron, I hope the cold iron

of this blade suits well to aid you against the darkest foes.'.

Alinor smiles at Elisabeth, dipping his head in a nod of acknowledgement, 'My thanks, Dame Elisabeth, I am indeed

proud to see the paladin she has, and will, become.'.

George smiles at you.

You say to Renea 'It shall surely aid me, I thank you'

Alinor nods in agreement with you, 'I was going to say the same thing.' He gestures south and somewhat westerly as

he adds, 'The refreshments are this way.'.

You smile at him.

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