Banite Invasion: A Young Knight's Hard Lesson

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Banite Invasion: A Young Knight's Hard Lesson

Post by Elisabeth » Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:56 am

Following a discussion on mercy, Elisabeth shows a side of her rarely seen, raising moral question and self doubt having plagued her since a time before...
Skylar says to you gently, her tone touched by something almost imploring, 'Mercy is not your enemy.'.

Elisabeth shakes her head slightly and smiles, almost apologetically, at Skylar. 'I am charged to punish the guilty. Grimjaws is benevolent... but He is not forgiving, and so must we be.' The smile fades into a straight line as her lips press together, then she tells Skylar, 'I've seen the cost of my weakness first hand.'.

Elisabeth looks down to her blackened gauntlet a time, then says, 'Many.. lost their lives that day. And by the time I decided to act, 'twas too late.' She shakes her head.

Skylar gives a little nod, then says to you, 'One of those differences hm?' before chuckling and nodding a little, 'We have our differences, but in truth that in some ways only binds us together.' her voice lowers a bit to ask, 'When did your mercy cost lives?'.

Elisabeth looks up again, and now, though her eyes are to some degree hidden behind a strip of plain white cloth, her features show well her remorse while she explains to Skylar, 'A couple times. Most recently, and most profoundly... during the recent civil uprising across Waterdeep. They were all innocent souls, the citizens drawn by the Black Tear's call.' She expells a short breath and says, 'I would not fell an innocent man. I disabled them all, as best I could, literally by the score...'.

Elisabeth shakes slowly her head, '...But more kept coming. More guards, and more untouched citizens, were murdered. I called upon the Watch to make arrests... went to Lord Piergieron to seek aid... and none responded. Meanwhile, more died.'.

Skylar's pinkish lips purse a little, her eyes squinting as though against the pain she senses in you.

Elisabeth motions slightly with a hand, 'So many were disabled that they were coming to while I tried to fight off others. I hardly had the means or time to arrest them all on mine own. The city's leadership failed.' She pauses, then tells Skylar quietly, '...So I was forced to start killing. My steel tasted innocent blood... and for naught. Moments later the spawn started appearing, and everyone died.'.

Elisabeth shakes her head.

Skylar's pinkish lips purse, pain on her features before she tells you, 'Thralls.. of the Black Hand. Death is a mercy in the face of being made to serve that Power.'.

Skylar's pinkish lips push downwards a bit, then she places her hand on your knee as she sympathises, 'That makes it no easier, I know.. but you did all you could. That is all we can do.'.

Elisabeth takes in and holds a long breath, ere expelling it shortly to tell Skylar, 'They were innocent, every one. Mad and enslaved... but madness and slavery can be fixed. I should know...' Her head shakes again. 'I still cannot decide what is worse, that I murdered, or that I did not start murdering quickly enow.'.

Skylar's hand lifts from your knee to indicate your sigil, then the adoubement about your waist, then the spurs on your feet, 'These are not things Lord Tyr would allow a murderer to wear, Dame. They are the blessings and burdens of a holy woman, who fought her best for the city in His name.' she nods and tells you more firmly, though still gently, 'In truth, killing them earlier may have been more sinful, or refusing to see it done altogether may have been, but your hesitation was seemingly just enough to show your truly good intentions.'.

Elisabeth tells Skylar, 'I apologize this is all coming out as 'tis. I've been too cowardly to tell anyone until now. But that... is why I need to start acting.'.

Skylar's youthful features soften in their expression as she assures you quietly, 'It takes great moral courage to confess or confide our greatest fears or failings to another.' her tone softens even further, 'You are a good woman, and a worthy knight, and I am ever still proud to have you as my friend.'.

Elisabeth looks away and brings a hand up to rub some portion of her face before she takes in another breath and then says, 'I've not been feeling like one. But thank you. That is kind.' Her gaze finds Skylar again. 'How would you have responded?'.

Skylar's pinkish lips gain a smile, then she nods towards you as she shifts her hands to rest on her knees, 'Truthfully, I would have responded in exactly the same way.'.

Skylar shrugs her shoulders, then admits, 'Although, I may not have asked Lord Piergeiron for aid. Maybe Lord Rasavir instead. He's always seemed more fond of me, more willing to move to action on my word.'.

Skylar looks to you and adds, 'Though I doubt he would have done anything more.'.

Elisabeth snorts quietly a sound halfway between incredulity and mirth, then says a low, 'Did I not know you to be sworn to honesty, I might think you to tell one of those white lies. It seems you always know the perfect thing to do in any situation, and what I did...--Well, I'll not question you, regardless.'.

Skylar's smile tempers a little, then she tells you quietly- her words seeming like she was reciting something, 'Some of us try hard to make the world a better place than it was when we found it. I know that's what I try to do. I won't always be successful, but that's life.' before her smile warms a bit once more, then she tells you quietly, 'We don't always win. We don't always happen to be perfectly successful. It is enough that we try as best we can, and you did so. As I would have done.'.
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