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The Accolade of Warden Formyndare Mastare of Yondalla

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:43 am
by Stigr
Or as I like to call it, short man gets sweet battleaxe and throws a dank ass party!

Janamin clears his throat and spreads his arms.
Janamin exclaims 'Friends!'
Janamin exclaims 'Fellows!'
Janamin says 'And, most importantly...'
Elisabeth puts a golden chain vine with glowing flowers in a concealed pocket.
Janamin grins.
Janamin exclaims 'Hin!'
Aridove grins.
Janamin says 'We gather here today to celebrate the cornucopia of blessings from the Protector and Provider.'
Janamin looks to Formyndare and brings his hands together, pointing toward Formyndare.
Janamin says 'And to celebrate a Revered Councilor becoming a Warden of Yondalla.'
Janamin drops his arms and beckons Formyndare.
Janamin says to Formyndare 'Come and kneel.'
Rakthar smiles broadly, revealing a chipped off tooth.
Aramil puts his hands together, gently pressing their palms against one another as he watches.
Formyndare bows one last time to Elisabeth and Mairenn, then turns and walks slowly to Janamin.
Elisabeth smiles at Formyndare.
Formyndare kneels down.
Janamin nods and smiles, setting his hands upon Formyndare's shoulders.
Janamin asks Formyndare 'And you're ready?'
Formyndare says 'Yes Horn Guard, I am ready.'
Janamin steps back from Formyndare and looks around.
Janamin says 'And who has trained him to protect his kin the ..hin.'
Janamin nods.
Janamin smiles.
Aridove emits a soft laugh, a hand placed over her mouth to muffle it.
Elisabeth cracks the slightest smile, a hint of surprised interest lighting her gaze as she watches on.
Mairenn smiles brightly and holds her hands to her chest.
Stigr hooks his thumbs in his harness and watches Formyndare with a faint grin.
Aramil raises an eyebrow.
Aramil dips his head at Janamin.
Aramil says 'I did train him, Aramil of Corellon.'
Janamin smiles at Aramil.
Janamin says to Aramil 'Glim! Thank you, Sir Aramil.'
Janamin rubs his hands together and smiles.
Janamin looks back then.
Janamin says to Formyndare 'Then you are trained, and ready.'
Janamin smiles.
Janamin says to Aramil 'Now swear to the Nurturing Matriarch.'
Janamin reaches up and brushes his hair back with one hand.
Janamin says to Aramil 'Say after me.'
Janamin says 'I, Formyndare, will fiercely defend my home and community.'
Formyndare says 'I, Formyndare, will fiercely defend my home and community.'
Janamin nods at Formyndare.
Janamin says to Formyndare 'I will know my people and lead them, always being ready to take up their burdens.'
Aramil clucks his tongue softly, quietly listening to Formyndare.
Formyndare says 'I will know my people and lead them, always being ready to take up their burdens.'
Janamin nods at Formyndare.
Janamin says to Formyndare 'I will care for all of Yondalla's Children that they have peace and comfort.'
Formyndare says 'I will care for all of Yondalla's Children that they have peace and comfort.'
Janamin smiles at Formyndare.
A Hin child runs up to the Horn Guard and hands over a bundle of leather before darting away again.
Janamin turns to Formyndare again and spreads out a baldric in his hands.
Janamin carefully lays the baldric over Formyndare's head.
Formyndare cannot keep the smile off his face as his arms are fitted through the baldric. He reaches up and secures it tightly, fighting to maintain a solemn expression.
Janamin steps back and smiles really big.
Janamin says to Formyndare 'Warden Formyndare of Yondalla, protect your people.'
A warm golden light breaks through the trees and illuminates Formyndare. The light is whole and full as if the trees were not there to intervene...
Janamin inducts Formyndare into the Paladins.
The light recedes slowly.... and a giant cornucopia appears which deposits a bounty nearby before vanishing.
Janamin laughs and turns toward the bounty.
Janamin exclaims 'Let us celebrate our new Warden!'
Janamin grabs a cup and does just that!
Kalamin cheers.
Formyndare wears a leather baldric stitched with goldspun and adorned with a golden shield on his arms.
Rakthar cheers.
Aridove emits a loud, joyous cheer as she claps excitedly for Formyndare.
Formyndare rises up.
Summer applauds warmly with a bright smile.
Elisabeth applauds, albeit not with excessive ardor, for Formyndare, smiling softly with head given to respectful bow to Formyndare. 'Felicitations, Warden.' she bids Formyndare warmly.
Aramil offers Formyndare a polite round of applause along with a soft spoken 'Congratulations, Sir and Warden Formyndare. It will be a pleasure to...ah...negotiate with you in matters of our people.'
The skies all over the realms light with golden fireworks.
Aoife breaks into a smile at Formyndare, 'Ye earned it.'
Formyndare gives a deep bow, 'Thank you all for coming! I cannot express my gratitude enough.'.
Stigr raises his hands to applaud Formyndare and call out, 'Well done, Warden.'
Amelia waddles to Formyndare from the back, sniffling, 'From the Copse, lad. We are so proud.'
Amelia gives (Fiery) a bronzed tower shield with a flaming lion head crest to Formyndare.
Formyndare blinks.
Rakthar cheers and applauds with fervor.
Aridove grins as she erupts with another cheer.
Hildegarde claps for Formyndare. 'Congratulations, Warden.'
Formyndare breaks into a wide grin, 'I- Thank you! By the Blessed One, this is- Thank you.'