A good discussion between Priestess and Hopeful

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A good discussion between Priestess and Hopeful

Post by Johara » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:14 pm

(OOC: Identities have been removed, and the conversation has been taken slightly out of context to help preserve the privacy of those who actually participated in the scene. Still, it's a good scene explaining the Cult of Mask)


XXX asks you 'So..what is it like to be a spy?'

ZZZ grins with amusement, 'A spy?' She shrugs, 'Well, you definitely get to use your creative license when you spin your story.' She holds up a finger, 'And trust me when I tell you, even if you use just a hint of the truth... it's better than a lie. By adding a simple sprinkling of the truth, you can get someone to believe you. And their support only strengthens your position.'.

XXX asks you 'Oh that is sooo cool. So, how many people we got in the guild?'

ZZZ tilts her head, 'But being a spy is not a solitary effort.' She shakes her head, 'Oh no. You need a strong team of people to acquire as much information as possible that you may need for your cover story. That team will deliver as much 'truth' as they can, so you can use it for your agenda.'.

ZZZ shrugs, 'As for how many people? Goodness... have you tried counting people in the dark?'.

ZZZ says, 'Could be one. Could be a hundred. I really don't know. I do know, that when I need to count ON them... they're there.'

XXX asks you 'So how do you ask others for help if you don't know how many or who they are?'

ZZZ winks, 'Not all secrets are revealed, my young adventurer friend. Some secrets are saved for those in the know.'.

XXX ponders 'But you're a priest, you tellin me that they do not trust you enough with that kind of info?'.

ZZZ says to XXX 'No, I'm telling you that I don't trust YOU well enough with that kind of information. We are a secretative group, that value the privacy of the shadows. The Brotherhood within the Shadow trust one another. Right now, you're still out in the light... You. Are not. A brother.'

XXX nods and smiles 'Alright...I see the difference'.

ZZZ says, 'You want to be a Brother? You have GOT to earn the trust of the Brotherhood.'

XXX asks you 'So what about my wife? She can know right?'

ZZZ shrugs, 'Is she a Sister?'.

ZZZ asks 'Or more importantly, do ya love her?'

XXX exclaims to you 'Sister? No she ain't my sister!'

XXX says to you 'Indeed, we been married for a long time'

ZZZ says, 'Because I can guarantee you... that maybe you have earned a spot in the Brotherhood? But your wife hasn't. And there's one clear cut way to make sure she doesn't say anything incriminating.'

XXX exclaims to you 'So you gonna kill my wife!'

ZZZ says, 'By telling her anything regarding the Brotherhood... you place everyone in the Shadow at risk. And trust me when I tell you, those in the shadow will protect themselves.'

A priest of Mask walks in from the west.

ZZZ points to herself, 'Me? No. I have duties here.'.

ZZZ points to a priest of Mask, 'And my brother in Faith will definitely confirm that I was here at the time an unfortunate event took place.'.

A priest of Mask walks west.

XXX asks you 'Hmm..well I know your name now. What is stopping me from telling all my friends and have them come after you should something happen ta her?'

ZZZ grins with amusement, 'I'm a priestess of the Lord of Shadows. I can be found here at the Plinth any day of the week.' She shrugs, 'If your friends try to come after me, they risk violating the laws of the city. But more importantly, they risk the wrath of the shadows.'.

ZZZ say 'I hope that you can see the severity and seriousness of the faith. We don't play around. We don't share secrets outside our circles.'

ZZZ say 'Even hopefuls are kept in ... the light.'
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