A story comes to an end

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A story comes to an end

Post by Siria » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:54 pm

Waterdeep Market Square
You ask Lorelie 'How are you today?'
Lorelie asks you 'Oh, fabulous, as ever. How are you?'
Siria smiles 'Quite well myself'.
Lorelie says to you 'That is good to hear. I thought I would poke around to see if anyone needed me.'
Siria nods 'That is always good. I felt the urge to go out this morning myself'.
The sun rises in the east.
Lorelie says 'It does appear to be quiet, though.'
Lorelie gets elven waybread from a pocketed long coat stitched with a motif of snowflakes and stars.
Lorelie gets elven waybread from a pocketed long coat stitched with a motif of snowflakes and stars.
Lorelie eats elven waybread.
Lorelie eats elven waybread.
Lorelie drinks water from a phoenix fountain.
Lorelie drinks water from a phoenix fountain.
Lorelie drinks water from a phoenix fountain.
A full moon rises in the skies over Waterdeep, despite the time of day.
Siria looks around the market and nods again . Her gaze turns to the moon suddenly rising.
The Constable kneels down.
The area grows darker and the light from the risen moon shines.
Lorelie looks to the sky with a smile, 'Well...'.
Siria's face shows a smile as well 'What a blessing'.
Moon motes swirl in the sky above you.
Lorelie tilts her head, her eyes sparkling, 'Oh yes, we are blessed this day.'.
The motes slowly make their way to the ground.....
Selune arrives in a shower of moonbeams.
Brye walks in from the north.
Lorelie kneels down.
Brye moves to bow, but instead falls on his knees.
Siria drops to her knees as well, still smiling.

Look Selune:
This young woman stands much taller than most human
females. Graceful and athletic, both tanned and toned,
she looks well capable of taking care of herself. A
single thick braid, adorned with scattered moonstones
and starstones rests atop lush chestnut tresses that
tumble well beyond her waist. Sky-blue eyes light an
open, honest face and pale the gems in her hair.

Selune is in perfect health.
Selune is using:
<worn around face> (Magical) tiny stars at the corners of the eyes (perfect)
<worn around neck> (Magical) (Glowing) a collar of whalebone and stunning blue pearls (perfect)
<worn on body> robes of white trailing moon motes (perfect)
<worn around wrist> (Magical) (Glowing) a smudge of moondust (perfect)
<floating around> (Magical) (Glowing) a moon mote (perfect)

Selune steps gently upon the ground, smiling warmly, 'My children..'.
A tall male half orc walks in from the south.
A weak young female moon elf walks in from the south.
Brye looks at Selune.
A weak young female moon elf looks at Selune.
A tall male half orc looks at Selune.
Sigismund walks in from the south.
Siria whispers 'My Lady'.
Brye inhales softly, he murmurs to Selune, 'My goddess'.
A tall male half orc blinks.
Sigismund looks at Selune.
Lorelie places her fingertips lightly on the ground before her and bows, 'My Lady.' She says quietly.
A tall male half orc sloooooowly kneels down.
A weak young female moon elf Hmmmms...
A tall male half orc kneels down.
Sigismund blinks.
Selune moves within the light of the freshly risen moon, touching her fingers to the top of your head, 'I am here with reason.' she speaks softly.
A tall male half orc looks at Sigismund.
Siria remains absolutely still, a calm smile on her face 'So it is time' , she whispers.
Sigismund awkwardly adjust his scabbards, getting down on one knee.
Sigismund kneels down.
Brye reaches up to clasp his symbol, he eyes shifting to look at you.
Selune lowers her head gently, 'I have felt your call, my Oracle.' her voice melodic and soft, 'I have come for you.' Her head turns gently, eyes fixed to Lorelie for a moment, 'And to remind another what path she is welcome to walk..'.
Lorelie says quietly, 'I am Your's Lady. As I have ever been, an arrow in Your bow, a sword in Your hand. I live and I die for you.'.
Brye remains in place, watching between Lorelie and you, a gentle smile taking his features.
Siria closes her eyes for a moment, still that calm smile on her face. 'I am ready' , she whispers as she opens her eyes again, looking first at Selune, then the market and then at Selune again 'I am ready'.
Selune crouches before you, murmuring, 'Rise child, and say goodbye to the faces you love.'.
Sigismund looks at you.
Siria gets to her feet slowly and turns to look at those gathered. SHe steps closer to Lorelie and Brye 'My siblings...'.
Brye turns to look back at Selune and you, his eyes glistening lightly as he looks up at you from where he kneels, 'Sweet sister'.
Lorelie reaches a hand up to touch your hand, 'This is not goodbye. I will see you one day at the Gates of the Moon.'.
Selune moves gently along with you towards Brye and Lorelie. She smiles upon each of them. Her voice is silent as she watches you make her exchange.
Siria nods with another smile. She reaches for her cards in her bags and hands them over to Lorelie 'These have served me well. May another Oracle use these to guide others'.
You get a deck of Silverplates from a shimmering sapphire silk money purse.
You give a deck of Silverplates to Lorelie.
Lorelie nods to you, 'As you wish, so it will be done.'.
Selune leans forward to interject, adding to Lorelie, 'May you use them, Lorelie, as you have your own visions returned and teach young Oracles again.'.
Brye reaches up to touch your other hand after, and nods along with Lorelie, 'The stars will keep you in their embrace, and we will see you again one day at Gates with Our Goddess.'.
Lorelie smiles up at Selune and says quietly, 'As you wish, my Lady. So it shall ever be.'.
Selune gives a knowing smile to Lorelie. She reaches a hand to brush hair from Lorelie's face briefly.
Siria sqeezes her siblings hands softly, then takes a step back, looking at Selune.
A weak young female moon elf turns quite pale and begins to shiver uncontrollably!
Selune finishes the song of cure disease.
Selune finishes the song of cure disease.'
Selune turns her eyes only briefly to A weak young female moon elf, and the fever clearly disappates.
A weak young female moon elf Hmmmms...
Selune looks towards you, 'Are you ready?'.
Lorelie closes her eyes and sighs softly at the touch. Her fingers squeeze your one last time in parting.
Brye squeezes your hand, he bows his head once again, 'You will always be remember, Oracle.' he sits back after the parting, looking to you, and Selune.
Siria nods firmly, not a trace of fear in her heart. Everything about her seems to be at peace 'Yes, my lady, I am'.
Selune makes a small motion to lean down and place a kiss upon each of her followers foreheads, Brye and Lorelie.
Brye closes his eyes under the kiss, and murmurs softly, 'Thank you, my Lady.'.
Brye stops using a brush of moondust.
Brye straps a silvery blue kiss around his head.
Selune looks at Lorelie.
Lorelie smiles softly and whispers, 'You are the Light, Lady. Always and forever.'.
Selune smiles towards the others, 'It is never too late to convert...' she takes both of your arms in her own.
Sigismund tips his hat towards Selune, blushing slightly.
Siria smiles one last time at those gathered.
Lorelie stops using a starstone and silver forehead pendant.
Selune turns her eyes to you, 'Goodbye, Waterdeep.' she smiles warmly at you.
Lorelie straps a silvery blue kiss around her head.
A tall male half orc smiles easy and chuckles lightly at the words, knowing them to be true.
Selune looks towards the sky, you and herself disappearing in a swirl of moon motes.
A weak young female moon elf glances at the moon.
Selune disappears in a shower of moonbeams.
Someone has transferred you.

Before Selune's throne
S-On wide marble
All about this place is light blue. The moonlight shining in through
the dome-shaped glass ceiling far above. The walls and floor made of
light blue marble enhanced with some pure light streaks. The throne
of Selune itself, made of the same blue marble. Each object, each
person standing here is surrounded with the silver glow of moonlight.
A huge throne of light blue marble sits atop the stairs. (perfect)

On wide marble stairs
N-Before Selune's S-Entrance Hall o
Light blue moonlight shines in from above, through the dome-shaped glass
ceiling that towers some 25 feet above. Wide stairs made of light blue
marble with pure white streaks leads down to the south towards the
entrance hall of Argentil, and up farther to the north towards a platform
dominated by a huge throne of blue marble.

Entrance Hall of Argentil
N-On wide marble E-A silver corrid S-Door W-A silver corrid
The entryway of this palace is quiet; soft, muffled sounds are all that can
be heard within. The halls are of beautiful, shining silver, and a soft
silvery glow of moonlight seems to cling to all objects and creatures in the
surrounding vicinity. Looking high above, you can see that the ceiling here
is actually a gigantic glass dome that allows the full moon to shine in and
the starry midnight sky to be observed.
Far above, a full moon shines in the starry night sky. (perfect)

Siria smiles 'Home'.
Selune arrives in a shower of moonbeams.
Selune bearhugs you.
Selune says to you 'Welcome home, my child.'
Selune gives you a sweet peck on the cheek.
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