Discussion: Rules of Spell Casting?

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Discussion: Rules of Spell Casting?

Post by Aysa » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:12 pm

Skylar looks to Galeena, smiling softly as she asks, 'Why don't you tell us a little about it? It's always helpful to learn how others do such things, and maybe it'll help you review and wake up a little?'.

Ailyn Hmmmms...

Galeena exhales, 'Well, the biggest thing that we covered was my code of honor.' She tilts her head, 'And it became interesting because I serve the Lady of Mysteries, and he does not. So we are going to have to do a lot of translation.'.

Ailyn nods at Galeena.

Galeena furrows her brow, 'My code... I serve the Lady of Mysteries. I am to defend and protect those that can manipulate the Weave, while punish those who abuse and neglect their powers.' She smiles, 'I must act with honor, and avoid committing acts of evil.'.

Skylar nods a few times in understanding, then she tells Galeena with a gentle smile, 'You'll find translating becomes second nature, after a fashion.'.

Galeena nods her head to Skylar, 'Aye. Some of the discussion revolved around how a sword is not evil, a sword is an extension of those who use it.' She then looks to Ailyn, 'Much like the Weave users.'.

A sect of the Church of Beshaba offera djinn's ransom and amnesty from Misfortune in exchange for the bound essence of a banespawn.

Ailyn smiles to Galeena and nods 'Indeed. Only the person behind it can be held accountable, not the sword, or the Weave'.

Galeena nods her head, 'So... while the laws of the land are important, for they keep order; there are laws and protocols for Weave users. It is my responsibility to make sure they are upheld.'.

Skylar taps a fingertip to the corner of her lips as she taps on an almost stereo-typical thinking pose, then she asks of Galeena with a soft smile, 'What sorts of laws or protocols will you upheld in casters?'.

Aurora asks Ailyn 'I've always wondered that myself. Like... it is fine for me to cast Harm on someone who asks me to do it?'

Ailyn coughs loudly at Aurora.

Galeena looks to Skylar, 'Well, that is where I need to study. I have to learn exactly what that means. I think I remember something about Netheril? Perhaps study more about what happened up at the Heroes Walk where there's now a dead magic area. Obviously, we do not want things l' ike that to happen again."

Ailyn says to Aurora 'If you mean Areia, she has asked that of me too.'

Aurora says to Ailyn 'Someone else asked me too, I did it both times because they did ask nicely.'

Skylar coughs into a hand, then clears her throat and nods her agreement, 'Er.. right.. best to uh, avoid that happening again.'.

Skylar nods sagely.

Ailyn says to Aurora 'I see....issues with people asking to have negative energy thrust into them like that. Not against any rules if they so ask, but one might question their sanity.'

Aurora says to Ailyn 'Some people are just weird.'

Ailyn nods her head in agreement with Aurora.

Galeena smiles, 'Anyway... some things to think on and to go study.' She shrugs, 'Though, in regards to the Harm dilemma, I would view it as being careless or negligent in the use of the spell. Just because you /can/ cast the spell does not mean that you should.'.

Ailyn says to Galeena 'As I said, it is more of a question of one's sanity. The spell itself has a purpose, as does every piece of magic.'

Aurora says to Galeena 'Both times were in carefully controlled circumstances. I didn't want to kill someone on accident. Sometimes it is good to know how something effects you when you are not in a life or death situation.'

Galeena shakes her head to Aurora, 'Mornmistress, I am not judging you. You have wisdom that far exceeds my own. Plus, I am only a squire. I know and understand my place. There is reasoning for what you did. I do not question that.' She smiles, 'I was just speaking in general terms.'.

Skylar flexes her hand thoughtfully a moment, then she asks of Galeena, 'I would consider it a matter of further understanding and study, using one's prayers like that.'.

Harroghty walks in from the south.

Galeena asks Skylar 'Would you say the same thing of someone casting animate dead, bringing about the undead? Especially testing it on bigger and badder things as your skill level improved?'

Aurora says 'Of course, both were people who could be fairly certain I would not kill them in the future.'

Harroghty approaches from the road with an unhurried step.

Ailyn dips her head politely to Harroghty.

Galeena takes note of Harroghty arrival and immediately stands up from her resting position.

Skylar shakes her head as she tells Galeena, 'Different things. One harms a consenting person who has an understanding of the circumstances, the other the involuntary dead, while corrupting light and life itself.'.

Skylar looks at Harroghty.

Harroghty bows his head once he's stopped, first to Ailyn, then Aurora, then Skylar, and finally Galeena. 'Peace be upon you all.'.

Aurora smiles at Harroghty and offers a wave, 'Sir Knight, well met.'.

Ailyn smiles to Harroghty 'Good evening Sir.'.

Galeena dips her head, 'Sir Harroghty, sir.'.

Skylar dips her head towards Harroghty from where she's seated, greeting with her gentle warmth, 'Hello there Sir Harroghty.'.

Harroghty stops using an engraved wooden baton.

Harroghty stops using purple leather gloves.

Harroghty stuffs his baton into his belt and strips his gloves, asking, 'Lively theological debate?'.

Aurora says to Harroghty 'The ethics of casting Harm on someone simply because they requested it.'

Harroghty gets a silver necked leather waterskin from a purple leather purse.

Harroghty drinks water from a silver necked leather waterskin.

Ailyn hmms softly.

Galeena looks to Harroghty, nodding her head, 'We were discussing my code of honor, and what it means to adhere to the laws of magick.' She shrugs, 'The discussion stems around the casting of a harmful spell upon a consenting target.'.

Harroghty shrugs slightly, saying, 'There are plenty of people who ask for such a thing.' He cracks a smile. 'Some less directly.'.

Skylar grins at Harroghty.

Aurora says to Harroghty 'Which is why I made the distinction of saying requested. I've run in to a few that all but begged for it.'

Harroghty glances from Ailyn to Galeena. 'So what was your position, Squire Galeena?'.

Galeena furrows her brow, 'I brought up the point of just because one can cast the spell does not mean one should cast the spell. However, Dame Skylar clarified that casting the spell could grant further insight and knowledge... with the caveat that there is consent. Otherwise, ani' mate dead and flensing could be abused."

Skylar nods faintly, 'Consent goes a long way, but some magicks are.. vicious. Dark.'.

Ailyn nods her head lightly in agreement.

Harroghty nods once. 'Did you consider Our Lady of Spells's position herself?'.

Galeena nods her head to Harroghty, 'Yes, sir. I think with the lesson of Netheril...' She furrows her brow, 'At least, I think it is that lesson...' She exhales, '... just because one has the ability to cast powerful magicks, one should not necessarily cast it. I believe it is encouraged as one grows in power for magic use to become less and less. Things like casting Harm upon someone sounds frivolous to me. Unless' there is a purpose to be gained..." She then gestures to Skylar, '... a further understanding of the spell, perhaps... it should not be cast.'.

Harroghty's smile grows a little. 'There is generally a really simple answer, I think.' He looks to Ailyn. 'Dweomerkeeper, I pray you scold me if I go astray...'.

Ailyn smiles at Harroghty.

Harroghty continues, looking to Ailyn, 'You're right, I think, but why go so far as Old Netheril when the dogma of Lady of Mysteries tells us to 'learn how best to wield it, but not when the price is paid by others'? Does not harming another, e'en if they ask for it, sound like that?'.

Harroghty pauses, then clarifies, 'I do not ask in jest. What do you think?'.

Galeena shakes her head, 'I am not certain if that is the Lady of Mysteries dogma?' She looks to Ailyn, 'Obviously, I have more studying to do.' She looks back to Harroghty, 'I bring up Netheril because the thought back then was that they could cast these powerful magicks. Why? For the sake of doing it. But the ramifications of the frivality of the spell casting cost them dearly.'.

Aurora leans against the tree and asks, 'Wouldn't the preclude using magic in sparring matches?'.

Harroghty looks to Aurora and nods, saying, 'A good question. I think not because Mystra tested her champions in such tests of magic, but it was carefully arranged. So maybe the details of the case matter?'.

Skylar nods her agreement with Aurora, replying softly, 'I'm not sure where the line comes from, but without context it seems a rather expansive rule.'.

Ailyn's hands pulsate and shimmer with soft light.

Ailyn hmms softly 'Magic is a gift, one that should be shown respect. While using it to simply harm others is against what my Lady wishes for such a gift, there is also a degree in knowing that magic itself, and when it is best used.' She pauses for a moment. 'To bring harm to another for no reason, or for wicked reasons, that is something that the faith frowns upon.'.

Harroghty looks to Ailyn and nods, saying, 'So the reason matters more than the deed itself?'.

Galeena furrows her brow, 'But... just like a sword.' She looks to Aurora and then to Harroghty, 'You had me engage you with a sword. I suspect that you knew you could easily defend against my attack.' She tilts her head, 'I suspect the same could be said for a Weave user's duel. With the right precautions and understanding, the 'deadly' use of the spell would be negated.'.

Ailyn says to Harroghty 'Two people, each willing to cast Harm upon the other. One does it to test himself, his strength and power over another. The other uses it to protect himself from being harmed.'

Ailyn says to Harroghty 'Of course, the first one is where fault lies. For he uses the gift at the cost of another, the only reason to test himself.'

Aurora says 'I think motivation plays a large part. I really don't like hurting people. Anyone who knows me well can attest to that. But if me casting Harm on Areia means she has the knowledge to survive an attack, then I am nog going to deny her that opportunity.'

Ailyn says to Harroghty 'But the other could also be at fault, for instead of using the gift to manage a defense, he counters with harm himself. At least, some see it that way.'

Skylar tells Aurora softly, 'These are how we learn how to counter or avoid such magicks in turn, when it really counts.'.

Galeena says to Ailyn 'Dweomerkeeper, I have learned that in sword play. Some times, it is better to quickly negate the threat rather than to simply defend against oncoming attacks.'

Ailyn says to Galeena 'Indeed. But, you can also have people who say that the first, in testing his power, is learning more about the Weave and magic, and could be in the right as well.'

Ailyn says 'All this, it is in the eye of the beholder who is right, who is wrong.'

Galeena says to Aurora 'And Mornmistress, I think that goes back to where I was saying with the right precautions and understanding, the 'deadly' use is negated. For, even if your spell were to work and she could not defend against it. You could easily heal her to negate the damage.'

Harroghty's smile returns and he says, 'Our Lady of Swords has fewer scruples, I think, than Our Lady of Spells. The sword may be the queen of battle, but she is no lady.'.

Skylar nods her head in agreement with Galeena.

Aurora says to Galeena 'Exactly.'

Harroghty looks up at the darkening sky and says, 'I must go and sleep, though I am loath to quit a chance to learn more of Mystra.'.

Ailyn says to Galeena 'That statement goes back to the balance I spoke of earlier. There is always a counter to something. Whether in the blades, or in the Weave.'

Galeena smiles warmly, 'So... in essence, the Lady of Mysteries wishes for us to know all there is to know about the casting of spells, so that there is no 'mystery' or clouded judgement. To gather the Truth before determining whether evil has been committed or not.'.

Skylar smiles brightly as she dips her head towards Harroghty and assures, 'I'm sure you'll have plenty of chances to learn more in coming days.'.

Skylar bids Harroghty as she comes to stand to offer her customary slight bow, 'Stay so very well and warm.'.

Skylar rises from her rest.

Ailyn smiles to Harroghty 'Do rest well Sir.'.

Harroghty nods to Skylar, 'Ay, I think so.' He retreats a step and bows his head again to the group, each in turn. 'Peace be upon you all, and fare you well.:'.

Aurora says to Harroghty 'Sweet dreams.'

Galeena dips her head, 'Sir Harroghty.'.

Harroghty dips his head again. 'Anon.' He turns and departs the way he came earlier.

Harroghty walks south.

Aurora says 'That was interesting.'

Ailyn gazes thoughtfully at Aurora and says 'Hmmm.'

Galeena furrows her brow, 'So it sounds like in conclusion... the purpose or motivation of the spell casting must be considered, and not just the mere act of casting 'said spell'.'.

Skylar nods thoughtfully, then looks towards Galeena, 'In a sense, very similar to the use of a sword. Intent goes a long way.'.

Galeena says to Aurora 'Now, you can see why I am mentally drained. He does make you stop and think about your answers.'

Aurora says to Galeena 'Oh yes, he definitely does.'

Ailyn nods at Galeena.

Galeena nods her head in agreement, 'Aye.'.

Galeena exhales, 'But I must bid adieu. I should find food and then a pillow... and hopefully a soft mattress to recover from my bruises.'.

Aurora says to Galeena 'But that is a traditional education path.'

Aurora says to Galeena 'Sweet dream, squire.'

Skylar bows slightly for Galeena as she bids a gentle, 'Stay so very well and warm Squire Galeena. It was well to see you.'.

Galeena says to Aurora 'And I am not book smart, by any means. I protect the Weave slingers. For now, I am not one. Yet.'

Ailyn says to Galeena 'Rest well sister'

Skylar smiles.

Galeena dips her head, 'Be safe.'.
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