Old logs: Drinking contest in the war room

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Old logs: Drinking contest in the war room

Post by Aishe » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:42 pm

(I think I'm gonna start posting some of the piles and piles of cleaned up logs that I've found gathering dust. This is a snippet from the good old days (circa 2016) of the Siege on Silverymoon during one of the early retaliation planning meetings)

You hear paladins training in the Halls.
Harroghty looks to them, 'I must go ..I advise you communicate by amulet only upon this matter.'.
Harroghty gestures to the tankards, saying, 'And I pray you drink what remains.'.
Aishe nods at Harroghty, 'You've been a great help. And thank you for the drinks'.
Harroghty flashes a smile, saying to you. 'You drink slowly.'.
Aishe smirks at Harroghty, 'I could down this lot and still stand'.
Aishe eyes the row of bottles, 'Well, most of this lot'.
Harroghty counts quickly. 'Let us go bottle for bottle and the first to show it loses?'.
Andreas chuckles.
Harroghty gets a ceramic bottle of Hrosskell's Red.
Harroghty gets a ceramic bottle of Hrosskell's Red.
Harroghty gives you a ceramic bottle of Hrosskell's Red.
Harroghty holds a ceramic bottle of Hrosskell's Red in his right hand.
Aishe nods at Harroghty, 'On your mark'.
Harroghty nods.
Gwain puffs on his ebony pipe thoughtfully.
Harroghty says, 'Go,' and puts the first bottle to his lips.
You drink wine from a ceramic bottle of Hrosskell's Red.
(...four bottles each later...)
Gwain says to Andreas 'When they're both down, let's shave off his moustache.'
Harroghty chuckles.
Aishe cackles.
Caethan shakes his head, 'I'd be sick as a dog with all that fire in my belly.'.
Andreas watches Harroghty and you guzzle their drinks and just shakes his head with a quiet chuckle.
Gwain says 'Yeah...a joke.'
Gwain coughs loudly.
Aneira blinks.
Harroghty wipes his mouth and waits, looking at you.
You are sober.
Aishe gives a little bow.
Aishe holds up her empty bottle, chuckling as she peers into it., 'Not even a buzz'.
Gwain asks Harroghty 'Dead yet?'
Gwain snaps his fingers at Harroghty.
Aneira tilts her head and replies to you, 'Still have that beer?'.
Aishe grins at Harroghty, 'We'd best get the guild to start stocking something stronger'.
Gwain says to Harroghty 'If you ever want to see who can drink more tobacco slime, come find me.'
Harroghty shakes his head at you. 'I will wait a moment or two more, but then I have an appointment at another temple more dear to me.'.
Aishe looks over the many empties, chuckling, 'Perhaps gin, next time.'.
Harroghty shakes his head in Gwain's direction.
Aishe nods at Harroghty, 'Carry on. Best we not be drunk for the tasks ahead, I suppose'.
Aishe holds up a finger, 'Oh!'.
You get a glass of Aishe, a blend of lemon juice, gin, and figs from a loose potions bandolier.
You give a glass of Aishe, a blend of lemon juice, gin, and figs to Harroghty.
Aishe nods, 'Straight from the Sembian at the Lucky Drunk'.
Harroghty shrugs.
Harroghty holds a glass of Aishe, a blend of lemon juice, gin, and figs in his right hand.
Harroghty hefts it. 'To your health.'.
Harroghty drinks spirits from a glass of Aishe, a blend of lemon juice, gin, and figs.
You get a glass of Aishe, a blend of lemon juice, gin, and figs from a loose potions bandolier.
(...many many sips later...*Sembians really know how to fill a glass*)
You finish a glass of Aishe, a blend of lemon juice, gin, and figs.
You drool.
Aishe chuckles.
Harroghty examines his empty glass. 'Not bad.'.
Harroghty winks at you. 'And I win.'.
Gwain sighs loudly.
Andreas chuckles.
Aishe nods, cackling.
Gwain says to Harroghty 'I never thought I'd see you in a drinking contest. Pie eating contest maybe...'
Aishe wipes at her mouth, eyeing the glass. 'Not bad at all'.
You hiccup loudly.
Caethan grins as he observes the display gently shaking his head, 'A good show, all.'.
Harroghty steps to the door, saying with a momentarily sober expression. 'Ah, dear friends, do be careful. We have much for which to prepare.'.
Harroghty opens the sturdy wooden door.
Harroghty dips his head and slips out.
Andreas bows before Harroghty.
You hiccup loudly.
Harroghty walks north.
You hear the sound of footsteps from the north.
Andreas chuckles at you.
Aishe chuckles, glancing around, 'Well, that was not how I expected this meeting to end. But it works for me'.
Gwain says to you 'He's full of hardened constitution, takes four-to-five healing spells to restore him half way'
Aishe nods at Gwain, 'I'd best be training then'.
You burp loudly.
You are feeling a little less light headed.
Andreas asks you 'Canst thou stand, m'lady?'
Aishe puts her hands flat against the table, just in case, as she stands.
You gather yourself and stand up.
Aishe grins at Andreas, 'Heh, so far so good. I've had worse bouts'.
Andreas smiles at you.
Aishe nods at Andreas, 'There was that day where they had to lay out a tarp in market square...'.
Andreas raises an eyebrow at you.
Aishe nods.
You get a shot with a worm from a loose potions bandolier.
Aishe eyes the shot with a worm dubiously. 'Instakill....'.
Caethan raises a brow at you, 'My goodness, let's hope we can avoid that.'.
Andreas nods at you.
Andreas says to you 'I wouldst not know, m'lady. I do not partake of strong drink.'
Aishe nods at Andreas, 'I'll be sure to drink a few for you next time then'.
You put a shot with a worm in a loose potions bandolier.
Andreas smiles at you.
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