Accolade of Dame Saoirse of Tyr

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Accolade of Dame Saoirse of Tyr

Post by Harroghty » Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:47 pm

The clear tone of a gong strike echoes in the temple, and it is followed by a wordless chorale which hangs briefly in the air before going silent.
Skylar smiles.
Hadwyn moves off to the side a good distance as he falls inside the crowd.
Lustria says 'Candidates for knighthood, declare yourselves'
Alinor clasps his hands together behind his back.
Saoirse steps forward, her head inclining respectfully as she states, 'I, Squire Saoirse Blanc, am here.'.
Lustria looks to Saoirse and letting go the scabbard to hang from its fastenings, she gestures, 'Squire Saoirse, Kneel.'.
Saoirse takes in a deep, quiet breath as she nears the altar and then kneels.
Saoirse kneels down.
Areia looks at Saoirse.
Lustria asks 'Who vouches for the quality of this candidate?'
Harroghty approaches to a meet distance from Lustria and Saoirse before stopping. 'I, Sir Harroghty Rallyhorn, attest to her quality and commend her to a you a fitting candidate, Lawkeeper.'.
Lustria nods once, 'So be it.'.
Lustria gestures her acceptance and acknowledges Saoirse whilst gesturing you forward.
Harroghty returns a shallow nod and advances a further step. Stooping behind Saoirse, he deftly latches a spur to one ankle, then another to the other. Once they are each affixed he gives a gentle tug to each to ensure their placement, and stands to retreat a few steps.
You give golden spurs with ornate hammer-shaped teeth to Saoirse.
Saoirse wears golden spurs with ornate hammer-shaped teeth on her feet.
Saoirse lowers her gaze to the ground momentarily before lifting her chin and resting her gaze upon Lustria once more.
Lustria wields a silvery sword marked with Tyrran symbols in her right hand.
Lustria raises a feminine tennor to declare, 'Saoirse Blanc. In the name of Tyr, the just god, thou be a good knight and true.'.
Lustria takes up the silvery sword of office in hand and taps gently to each shoulder and head.
Areia draws a slow if silent breath, releasing it likewise after it's held a moment on, and observes the proceedings with unwavering warmth in her features.
Lustria takes a step back to announce, 'Arise, Dame Saoirse.' As she performs a salute with the blade of office.
Dargeth smiles.
Ailyn offers a soft but warm smile.
Harroghty's eyes look past Saoirse and Lustria briefly, skimming over those attending, before returning to the focus of the ceremony.
Saoirse takes but a simple moment to take in the request and then finally she stands.
Aunwald shivers as he watches the proceedings, grinning all the while.
Saoirse rises up.
Hadwyn smiles.
A tall red-haired female human smiles brightly at Saoirse as she watches silently.
Lustria lowers the sword and steps forward with something in her hands, 'With this the church girdes you with the belt of your office.' Lustria smoothly girds Saoirse with...
Lustria gives an adoubement studded with golden hammers to Saoirse.
Skylar's pinkish lips retain a glowing smile as she watches.
Ailyn's hands pulsate and shimmer with soft light.
Saoirse wears an adoubement studded with golden hammers about her waist.
Stigr's lips betray a small smile as the ceremony continues.
Saoirse nods minimally in acknowledgment as the belt is affixed to her waist by Lustria.
Lustria says 'Dame Saoirse, I gird you with this symbol of your unstained honor and bind you to strive always to reveal the truth, punish the guilty, right the wrong, and be always true and just in your actions.'
Lustria in further acknowledgement, takes from her own belt in a ceremonial passing to Saoirse.
Lustria stops using a leather-wrapped scabbard hung upon a belt studded with hammers.
Lustria gives a leather-wrapped scabbard hung upon a belt studded with hammers to Saoirse.
Lustria says 'Dame Saoirse, you are armed to stand ready against corruption and evil. Abide by the laws, and let no others break them. Mete out punishment where lawbreaking occurs.'
Saoirse accepts the scabbard and places it to her own belt, her gaze forward on Lustria as she prepares to respond.
Saoirse wears a leather-wrapped scabbard hung upon a belt studded with hammers on her belt.
Saoirse states clearly, 'Lawkeeper, I am now prepared to offer my fealty.'.
Harroghty hooks his thumbs upon his own adoubement as he watches closely.
Lustria moves to fondly take Saoirse's hands.
Saoirse lifts her own hands, joining them with Lustria's own as she kneels.
Saoirse kneels down.
Saoirse smiles gently as she looks upward and then finally speaks, 'I, Saoirse Blanc, do affirm my duty and fealty to Tyr Grimjaws and his holy cause of justice. I will reveal the truth, punish the guilty, right the wrong, and strive to be always true and just in my actions. I will abide by the laws, and let no others bre' ak them. I will mete out punishment where lawbreaking occurs."
Lustria looks down on Saoirse, silver eyes warm, 'And I, for my part, will serve you faithfully as officer of the church, Dame Saoirse. I will provide counsel upon the principles and definitions of just law. Giving justice and protection to you so long as you keep faith with your oaths, and just judgment' should you falter. May Tyr bind me to this oath."
You hear paladins training in the Halls.
Lustria pulls Saoirse to her feet and firmly if fondly slaps Saoirse across the face withe a black gloved hand.
Saoirse rises up.
Saoirse stands, her eyes closing briefly upon the slap.
Lustria says to Saoirse 'Remember justice in all you do.'
Areia lowers her chin and lifts her free, faded glove to her eyes briefly before it eases back to her side once more, the movement made as discretely as possible.
Saoirse shifts, gently removing the cloak upon her back and drapes it over her arm.
Saoirse stops using a wool cloak dyed with red madder.
Lustria raises her face to proclaim to the ceiling, 'Dame Saoirse, Knight of Tyr!'.
A second strike of the gong hangs for a moment in the air before being again followed by a chorale of voices.
The air flutters slightly as a louder chime sounds throughout the temple, and beyond, as the Just God imparts his approval.
Someone inducts Saoirse into the Paladins.
Saoirse has been blessed by her patron!
The toll of a great gong sounds, brassy and sweet at once, just as a judge's judgement can be harsh to the guilty and sweet for the aggrieved. Tyr has a new champion upon Faerun.
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Re: Accolade of Dame Saoirse of Tyr

Post by Dargeth » Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:51 pm

Awesomesauce! Congratulations, and well done!

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Re: Accolade of Dame Saoirse of Tyr

Post by Stigr » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:00 am

Awesome stuff, such a great payout for the knight roleplay!

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Re: Accolade of Dame Saoirse of Tyr

Post by Aislynn » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:23 am

Congratulations, Saoirse! Sorry I couldn't attend! Good luck with that evil hunting thing ;3

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