Some "new" RP

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Some "new" RP

Post by Aysa » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:46 am

(OOC: I found this enjoyable as two 'new' characters feel out themselves as well as interact with strangers)

Runa wipes her brow as she returns to the square.

An auburn-haired female human glances back toward you with a bit of a concerned look, green eyes shifting to the woman's shoulder in unhidden scruteny.

An auburn-haired female human looks at you.

An auburn-haired female human speaks up after a moment, a bit uncertainly, 'Em, are y'well?'.

Runa is sans corpse upon this second arrival. She says gruffly, 'I am.'.

Runa pushes her way through the crowd, bumping shoulders as if she is the unmovable force. Her destination, the fountain. She reaches the edge and cups her hand to draw water from it.

You drink water from a phoenix fountain.
You do not feel thirsty.

An auburn-haired female human gives a bob of her head and answers through a thick brogue that might be called dwarvish if it weren't for its clarity and liltting quality, 'Oh, good, good.' She watches you for another moment, but soon lowers her face to hide the half smile that curves her lips at your rough handling.

Runa looks away from the water, peering with scrutiny at An auburn-haired female human. 'You are well?'.

An auburn-haired female human keeps looking toward the book while she answers you, 'Oh, I am. Weather's been fierce beautiful. I'm after spending a wee time in the Snookery...' She glances then toward you again, adding, 'Y'found some trouble elsewheres?'.

Runa furrows her brow, scrutinizing the book now. One might suggest that the very existance of a book... being open no less... is an unusual sight for the blonde woman. Not to mention, the scribbles apparently are in the right formation and position! How... odd! She looks away from the strange thing and up to the sky, 'The City of Splendors knows not 'weather'.' She inhales, flaring out her nostrils. She then looks to the woman once more, 'And the trouble I have encountered is a ... thing with tentacles and a large gaping mouth, and I lack a pack strong enough to defeat the foul and vile creature.'.

An auburn-haired female human blinks her large-ish eyes a few times in surprise and repeats, 'Tentacles an' tee'.. Go 'way!' She casts a short glance vaguely eastward and mumbles, 'An' there I be, feared o' a wee jumble o' sticks an' feat'ers.'.

An auburn-haired female human grins.

An auburn-haired female human shakes her head and tells you, 'Where'd y'find such a sight?' as she lifts her left hand to brush a lock of hair behind an ear. 'Oh, I'd be Lebhaoise, by t'e by,' she mentions, uttering the name as 'le-VEE-shuh."'.

An auburn-haired female human greets you.

Runa furrows her brow in confusion. 'Only a child would fear the target dummies in the Snookery.' While her gruff tones may be abrasive, it truly sounded more like a question rather than a statement. She shakes her head, and peers towards the south. She lifts a strong arm to gesture in the general direction of Rat Hill, though her arm nearly clothesline a passerby. 'A place known as Rat Hill. The kobolds and lizardmen were wise in constructing their barricade.'.

Runa looks back to Lebhaoise and nods her head, 'I am Runa.'.

The sun slowly starts to set in the west.

Lebhaoise listens with a vaguely trouble cast to her young features, though she affords you a glowing smile when you offers your own name. 'Pleasure, Miss Runa. Being true, I'm.. wha' y'might call a wee new to fightin' meself. Always was after watching me ma an' da from afar.'.

Lebhaoise grins.

Lebhaoise hms, considering you a moment before she says in her sweetly lilting brogue, 'I'd be offering help y', but... Well, I don't be knowing how much a help I'd be.'.

Runa furrows her brow, 'I always take pleasure when people miss Runa. It allows me an opportunity to show them how an axe should be used properly.' She then nods her head with understanding, 'You are still a cub. An alpha would not endanger a cub. Not until she has proven herself, and if those wooden dummies cause fear... then the rats would prove troublesome. The kobolds and lizardmen would certainly be worse.' She exhales, 'For now, even I choose to strengthen my own skills.'.

Lebhaoise tilts her head a little to a side and says, 'Oi, cub mayhap, bu'...' with a tiny twinkle in her gaze and a knowing smile. 'Wonder would y'leave me show y'a wee somet'in'.' She lifts the book a bit to indicate it, 'I do be studying a new spell might be making y'a wee safer.'.

Runa takes a step back as if she's concerned the area around her would soon explode. 'Not a cub... but a devil.' She grips her axe, though obviously she is not holding it in a threatening manner. The patrols would frown upon such things. Her eyes harden as she stares that thousand yard stare at the wee little wizardess.

It starts to rain.

Lebhaoise's brows knit a bit together, and she sets the book down once more upon her knees. 'Devil?' she repeats, 'Em... Sorry. I did no' mean to offend. Y'never seen a bit o' magic I take i'?'.

Lebhaoise puts on a smile again for you and mentions in her sweetly lilting brogue, 'She'd be a wonder, tha' one. Oi, bu' neit'er frightenin'. Least no' in t'e righ' hands.'.

Runa spits to one side, again nearly hitting a passerby in the process. 'Aye. I have seen magic.' The vitriol with that word rumbles in her throat. 'Men playing with forces of nature carelessly, causing harm needlessly. Destroying land. Desimating packs with a flick of the wrist. Lacking the glory Tempos demands of all.' The intensity in that rambling strengthens with each sentence.

Runa jabs her hand at the book, 'Hide behind your book, knowing nothing of honor and true strength.'.

Lebhaoise keeps calmly seated in her bench, but neither does she shrink from the warrior's ire. 'Oh, sure sorcery'd be a cursed t'ing.' Then she gives a little laugh, 'Bu' I amn't any sorceress.'.

Runa pauses, allowing her ire to die down to an ember; however, it has not been extinguished. She narrows her eyes, cautiously asking, 'Then what are you?'.

Lebhaoise waves a hand, 'Blimey. I'd die from embarrassment,' she adds, still seeming to think the idea amusing. She shakes her head and answers your queery, 'I guess t'e regular name fer'em'd be 'wizard.' Y'know, we'd be t'e careful sorts who do be spending all our time in t'e towers.' She smiles toward you, 'I've never accidentally blown up anyone, Runa, y'got me word. Amn't t'e cowardy sort, nei'ter.'.

Lebhaoise winks at you.

Runa makes a face, 'A baby skunk is cute until its glands are fully developed.'.

Lebhaoise quipps, 'I guess bigger skunks are adorable, too, like. T'ey jus' go' a good weapon 'r two.'.

Lebhaoise snickers.

Lebhaoise lifts a hand to motion toward your axe, 'Like tha'. No differen'.'.

Lebhaoise says 'I guess, anyways.'

Lebhaoise shakes her head and tells you, 'Anyways, I did no' wish to worry y'. I willn't be putting any spells on y'.'.

Lebhaoise grins.

Runa looks down to her axe. She gazes at the blackened steel. 'Aye, but an axe is real. An axe is an extension of my arm, of my being.' She looks back to Lebhaoise, 'I hold the axe as I engage in proper battle to display my sense of honor and for the glory of the pack.' She then offers a feral grin to Lebhaoise, 'And need not worry, cubling. I will not cleave you with my axe neither.'.

Lebhaoise gives a little giggle and says, 'Oh, y're good. I'd wager that'd no' feel too good.' She glances upward briefly and looses a faint sigh, 'Aw, bu' I must be heading off.' before she rises and tells you, 'I'll see y', Runa. Mayhap I'll show y' t'e good o' magic sometime.'.

Lebhaoise winks at you.

Runa gives pause at the last bit. She clucks her tongue, 'And perhaps I will show you the good of the pack some time as well.' She nods once to Lebhaoise as she turns her attention towards the east. She lifts her head as she sniffs the air.
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