Dismissal Vs. Planetouched

This forum contains bugs which the test team think are fixed are awaiting confirmation from the initial reporter of the bug.
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Dismissal Vs. Planetouched

Post by Benorf » Fri Mar 27, 2020 6:27 pm

I'm back for less than a week and I'm already complaining. But I've had this discussion before, but never formally. I realized I've never submitted a bug report, and I'm not sure if its something that can be fixed without a hard code change.


Code: Select all

...Everything begins to fade to black.

You feel yourself leaving your body... rising up into the air, you feel
more free than you have ever felt before...

However, before your deity comes to collect your soul, you feel a strange
pulling sensation as strange and colorful mists swirl around you...
-redacted- utters the words, 'eugwuggar'.
You are litterally torn in pieces as Champion of Azgoreth's spell forces you back to your home plane!
Dismissal cause an instant death to Hyldest, an Air Genasi.

I know someone is going to say, "Well, they're planetouched, they're extraplanar, so it should work.

But it shouldn't. Due to obvious limitations, Dismissal and Banishment kill things instead of teleporting them to a random place on their home plan, which is fine. But planetouched (Aasimar, Tieflings, Genasi, etc...) are Native Outsiders. Because they were born on this plane, they are native to it. So at worst, it should randomly teleport you to somewhere on the world. But it really shouldn't function against them at all.

I know its nitpicking but its always really bothered me, and had random mobs that are otherwise absolutely no threat instakill me a few times before.
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Re: Dismissal Vs. Planetouched

Post by Harroghty » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:16 pm

I have a fix live on the test port, just want to confirm that both Dismissal and Banishment are working as intended before porting them over.
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Re: Dismissal Vs. Planetouched

Post by Grenwyn » Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:21 pm

Three cheers from the planetouched community!
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