Lacquered Wooden Waster... behaving weirdly?

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Lacquered Wooden Waster... behaving weirdly?

Post by Andreas » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:10 am

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<100%hp 100m 100%mv> hold waster right
You wield a lacquered wooden waster in your right hand.
You don't even know which end of a lacquered wooden waster is up!

<100%hp 100m 100%mv> exam waster
It is a bastard sword in the double-edged blades category of weapons.
It can be picked up, held, held in both hands.
It cannot be worn with any other armour.
It is medium in size and would fit any body type.
It is made of ironwood and weighs about 4 pounds.
This wooden bastard sword has been assembled from three pie-
ces.  It has a blade and tang, a cross, and a pommel. Copper
nails fix the cross to the blade (the latter fits through an
opening in the former) and then a little tar fixes the round
pommel to the bottom of the tang.

<100%hp 100m 100%mv> 
Ilaeya examaines the waster in her hand 'How do you use this?'.

<100%hp 100m 100%mv> rem waster
You stop using a lacquered wooden waster.

<100%hp 100m 100%mv> hold waster both
You don't even know which end of a lacquered wooden waster is up!
You hold a lacquered wooden waster in both of your hands.

<100%hp 100m 100%mv> weap
Weapons for Paladins:
bows           (Str,Dex)       expert brawling       (Str,Dex)       expert 
chains         (Str,Dex)   apprentice clubs          (Str,Dex)( 1)not known 
crossbows      (Str,Dex)        adept double-edged b (Str,Dex)  grandmaster 
great blades   (Str,Dex)  grandmaster great chains   (Str,Dex)  grandmaster 
lines          (Str,Dex)( 1)not known long axes      (Str,Dex)      amateur 
long spikes    (Str,Dex)   apprentice mounted polear (Str,Dex)  grandmaster 
polearms       (Str,Dex)  grandmaster rope weapons   (Str,Dex)   journeyman 
shieldwork     (Str,Dex)  grandmaster short axes     (Str,Dex)( 1)not known 
short blades   (Str,Dex)   journeyman short spikes   (Str,Dex)  grandmaster 
single-edged b (Str,Dex)  grandmaster slings         (Str,Dex)( 1)not known 
staves         (Str,Dex)        adept thrown project (Str,Dex)( 1)not known 
thrusting blad (Str,Dex)  grandmaster whips          (Str,Dex)   apprentice 
I'm not sure why I suddenly don't know how to use a lacquered wooden waster. I've always been able to use one normally before.
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Re: Lacquered Wooden Waster... behaving weirdly?

Post by Talos » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:14 am

Was this a longsword before, and/or do you have the exotic proficiency feat for bastard swords?
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Re: Lacquered Wooden Waster... behaving weirdly?

Post by Harroghty » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:07 pm

There are some waster type objects out there that are longswords and greatswords, but the "lacquered wooden waster" object is and always has been a bastard sword.

I would chalk this up to Andreas not having the exotic weapon proficiency feat.
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