Biggest diappointment with RPGs

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Biggest diappointment with RPGs

Post by Tagrid » Thu May 24, 2018 10:41 pm

Yep, I did it. Came up with an idea while writing on another post. Anyway, this weekend I'm attending a game convention in Seattle, won't go into details because I'm unsure if naming it violates the rules. Still, if you know which RPG Convention I' speak of, I'm the fat older gentleman who wears jeans and plaid shortsleeve shirts, carrying a big backpack. For three days. Now, I expect to run into all types of people there.. and I am sure some will stick out in my mind. What is your biggest disappointment with RPGS? An obnoxious player/GM/annoying spouse.. poorly written rules and the Rules Lawyers who love them... fire away!
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Re: Biggest diappointment with RPGs

Post by Benorf » Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:44 pm

I can deal with a lot. But I cannot deal with a spiteful DM. I go to GenCon every year, and we used to do the D&D events. We would regularly get one DM that had been doing it forever, and he was freakin' AWFUL. He got intense pleasure from making sure you couldn't beat the adventure, usually by cheating, bending rules, or completely disregarding monster types.

Examples of such:

When we got lucky and destroyed the monster in one part of the adventure, it spontaneously stood up at full health, explaining some horseshit later about needing to break something he didn't mention in the description of the room before killing it. We brought it up to another DM in a different session and he gave us a puzzled look. He pulled out the guide to that adventure and double checked. Wasn't supposed to happen.

We were being fired upon by monsters shooting through arrow slits. He quoted obscure rules that disallowed you to fire back. I am a rule freak and I knew that wasn't a thing, so one of us pulled out the rule compendium and proved he was wrong. He finally let us start firing back 6 rounds later, but the damage was done.

Zombies. Zombies have an intelligence of 0. They are mindless. So it's more than a little frustrating when he has them dive behind cover. We pointed out they were mindless, but he said, "These are special." Later on one of them was grappling a character and DROPPED them to coup de grace another one of our unconscious party members. Because that's realistic.

We got this asshat so often that we submitted a few formal complaints, but he is always there, so we just stopped doing the official D&D events.
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