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Building Projects

Post by Harroghty » Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:11 am

Forgotten Kingdoms provides you the unique opportunity to volunteer to help build the game world that you are involved in. Still, there are priorities of work and so this sticky will provide guidance on what is currently needed and what the parameters for new projects will be. We are only accepting applications to build areas that suit these needs. Our current building needs are...
  • -updated starter areas and new newbie quests nearby them
    -new or revised guilds
    -quest areas (target audience is good and evil, any level)
    -builders willing to finish abandoned areas stalled on the test-port
    -builders willing to spruce up older areas on the game-port
  • Limited to 50 VNUMs (50 rooms, 50 mobiles, 50 items).
    n.b. New builders are no longer required to build off-line
    but it is encouraged for those who wish to learn the system.
    Builders beginning on-line will omit steps four through six.

  • 1-Submit an application requesting to build
    2-Receive access to Builder Council Forums.
    3-Post in "Areas Under Construction".
    4-Build your area off-line using a text editor like MS Notepad.
    5-Submit your product for review to the Area Admins.
    6-Make Corrections.
    7-Receive access to the test port.
    8-Post your area to the test port and complete it.
    9-Submit your area for final review by the Area Admins.
    10-Once approved, your area will be posted to the game port.
    11-Create a help file for your area and submit it to Area Admins.
From: help new builders See also: help example building application
These are the unfinished areas on the test port available for work. New or veteran builders may attempt work on these.

Unfinished Areas:
  • hallofmists.are (Dovan and Tyeslan working)


    ironspur.are (Athon working)

Here are some ideas of new areas of the type that we currently need. Listed is the title, the resource, and the type of area. These are not the only ideas accepted, but they are here for you to use.

Area Ideas:
  • quest areas in Phlan on the Moonsea including kobold stronghold, hobgoblin stronghold, gnoll stronghold, etc. (Ruins of Adventure, TSR 9238)
    Quests/Combat for middle levels near Zhentil Keep

    beholder holed up in a cave in the Vilhon Reach (Dead in the Eye, 4E AD&D)
    Quests/Combat for middle to high levels near Zhentil Keep

    revise Tantras's sewers (no specific resource identified)
    Quests/Combat for lower levels

    Hammer Hall and Halls of the Hammer (West of Mount Hlim, the Greypeak Mountains, A Grand Tour of the Realms, FRCS2)
    Quests/Combat for lower levels near Waterdeep

    a mercenary camp in the North (The North, TSR 1142 and Gold and Glory, TSR 9373)
    Quests/combat for lower levels near Waterdeep

    a Zhent slave trader (Ruins of Zhentil Keep, TSR 1120)
    Quests/combat for lower levels near Zhentil Keep

    the Nashkel mines problem (Baldur's Gate, Bioware/Black Isle)
    Quests/combat for lower levels

    a crypt near Daggerdale (Doom of Daggerdale, TSR 9391)
    Quests/combat for middle levels good and evil near Shadowdale

    a lich near Shadowdale (Nightmare Keep, TSR 9341)
    Quests/combat for middle levels good and evil

    a shipwreck in Tantras's harbor (Tantras and the Vast, article by Ed Greenwood)
    Quests/combat for middle levels

    a remnant of the Horde in the East (Storm Riders, TSR 9281)
    Quests/combat for middle levels

    an orc mining camp near Sundabar (The Silver Marches, WTC 88567)
    Quests/combat for middle levels an orc quest

    an upstart noble's land in Amn (Lands of Intrigue, TSR 1159)
    Quests/combat for middle levels

    an old noble homestead on the Dragon's Head near Amn and Tethyr (Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate II, TSR 11626)
    Quests/combat for middle to low levels

    Orc warlord raising an army at Xul-Jarak (Sons of Gruumsh, WoTC 884467400)
    Quests/combat for middle levels an orc quest
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